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Cam Findlay Wed 28 Sep 2016 9:03PM

Welcome @keithabooth - it would be great if you could include the body of your text above into one other topic based conversation threads as this thread is aimed at introduction of the people rather than raising the issues and having a dialogue about them.

From reading your post here I feel what you are raising is what is of value in NZDIMP that may be impacted if the ODC becomes a core policy on open data in NZ, and how to retain this going forward.

Could I ask you to please re-post your comments above over in this thread: https://www.loomio.org/d/nRvY9XrW/impacts-of-the-open-data-charter-if-implemented-as-the-set-of-principles-for-open-data-in-new-zealand

This helps group the topic of conversation for analysis). Many thanks. :smiley:


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Keitha Booth Wed 28 Sep 2016 9:29PM

Hi, Cam. Can you please do this for me. I am in Scotland and not easily connected online. Thanks very much, Keitha


Cam Findlay Tue 30 Aug 2016 9:19PM

Hi all, I'm Cam Findlay currently working at the Open Government Information and Data Programme at LINZ. I'll be helping facilitate the discussions around the open data charter and the NZ Information and Data Management Principles (along with some of the others in the team). My interests in open data stem from my involvement in open source software for a number of years. I think there is a lot of cross over and many of the benefits for open source are the same for open data. Looking forward to the discussions :smiley:


Rochelle Stewart-Allen Wed 31 Aug 2016 5:24AM

Hi - I'm Rochelle Stewart-Allen, also currently working for the Open Government Info & Data Programme at LINZ. I'm excited to see this public conversation happening & looking forward to hearing your feedback on both the Open Data Charter and the NZ Data & Information Management Principles to help guide how we release open data & information in NZ going forward.


Cam Findlay Wed 28 Sep 2016 9:33PM

Thanks for giving your permission - I will post on your behalf in the other thread.


Sophie Lafayette Fri 2 Sep 2016 3:37PM

Hi all, I'm Sophie Lafayette and currently working with the Open Data Charter. I've worked in open data for a while, specifically in Tanzania, on both government and community-based initiatives. I'm also a New Zealander so it's great to see the public engagement on decided whether to adopt the Charter!


Julian Carver Mon 5 Sep 2016 5:33AM

Hi, Julian Carver, independent consultant. Previously establishment CIO at CERA, and manager of the Canterbury Spatial Data Infrastructure Programme. Worked with the OGIDP in 2011 to develop the Principles and Declaration with involvement of Open NZ and other groups. Currently working with Data Futures Partnership on their catalyst projects, and with a regional council on data governance and management, using some of the ODI tools. Passionate about open data and excited this process of considering the IODC is underway.


Kay Mon 5 Sep 2016 9:14AM

Kia ora, I'm Kay Jones of Wellington. I've worked in government and not for profit sectors. I volunteer with Hack Miramar which runs hackathons. I was event lead for Govhack Wellington which couldn't run without open data. I want to see clear and open standards for data usage and training for public servants on data issues and more data literacy for everyone.


Aaron McGlinchy Tue 6 Sep 2016 4:57AM

Aaron McGlinchy, Research Data Manager at Landcare Research. We have a number of publicly available databases/collections, as well as our new(ish) general purpose data repository (https://datastore.landcareresearch.co.nz). Our data management policy references NZDIMP. I think a key point is recognition that not all data providers are equal, so I don't think a one size fits all application of ODC is desirable/practical.

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