Nikolay Voronov (aka AlexVox) Alternate board

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  • Sponsor: Pirate Party of Russia
  • Member of: Pirate Party of Russia
  • Qualifications:

    • I've graduated Northern Arctic Federal University (Arkhangelsk, Russia)
    • Working as teacher of Informatics in college, expert at "Internet Development Institute" *P PI Alternate Board Member 2015-2016
    • Vice-Chair of Pirate Party of Russia
    • International Coordinator of Pirate Party of Russia
    • Chief Editor of PirateMedia.net and social media of PP-RU
  • language(s): Russian, English

  • motivation and political background:

    • I want to participate in PPI work, meetings and committees, learn more experience from other pirates around the world.
    • I wish to see PPI Board to be more open for non-Board members and just for any pirates, bring more people (for example: experts, active pirates) to decision making process, let more people vote on different topics raised during Board meetings. Ideally, all active pirates have to be members of the Board.
    • I'm trying to spread our pirate views in my country. I've proposed to include a basic income and cryptocurrency support in the party targets and program (that was actually done in May 2016) despite the expected prohibitions of using cryptocurrency in my country.
    • As well as i support traditional agenda of Pirate Movement. But the main problem is the world governments which wants to take more control over Internet widening their appetites, and it leads our agenda to grow faster for a bad reason
  • Contact:

    e-mail: alexvox @ pirate-party . ru

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alex.vox.3