Tue 19 Sep 2017 10:24PM

We need a better way to get our name out there. What should we do?

AA Anurag Agarwalla Public Seen by 360

We do amazing things and move fast. Part of our value stream is storytelling. What should we invest in? How should we do it?!


Dalton Viggers Tue 19 Sep 2017 10:45PM

Up the Innovation Brand!

Website - uber.com/innovation?, showcase products, get product feedback, tell product stories, has internal and external value

Video - Dalton could do a branding/team/vision video to put on the website and share, doesn't need to be over the top

Swag - people remember dope Uber swag

Naming - last thing we want is people not to know our products because we keep changing the name

Hackathon - hosted by the Innovation Team (Yoga hosted by the innovation team also?)

555 Totem - have a sticker on the side "created by the innovation team - let us know what you think at uber.com/innovation"

Present - all hands, lunch n learn, fireside chats, etc.

Turn up - become the party people of Uber ;)


Alex G Mon 25 Sep 2017 4:27AM

I second everything Dalton said!

A more grassroots approach to help spread awareness about our team could also be to try to get a mention in as many team newsletters as possible, and potentially grabbing a spot in the All Hands to showcase how Uber is being innovative not only at the 5-10 year level (ATG) and beyond (flying cars), but also at the <1 year level with awesome projects like Totem and Offline.