Tue 13 Aug 2013 8:21PM

What occupation or whatnot do you want to do in the community, how will jobs be determined?

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 18

I think a lot of people have novel ideas and things they would like to do in this community, supposing someone has a unique thing they would like to do that takes up all of their donated time, couldn't we just vote on whether they can or can't do it? Or should everyone be allowed to do whatever they want? Or should everyone have to participate an equal amount of time in group project we all choose?


Gene Cox Wed 14 Aug 2013 2:58AM

A variety of occupations, some gardening (aquaponic or soil), technical, education (teaching).


Jammie Gregory Wed 14 Aug 2013 3:25AM

Yeah, that sounds like me Gene, I like doing a variety of things instead of the same thing day after day feels like pushing a big wheel around, but mostly I like manual labor. I was thinking would be cool if we had like a center where everyone had a chance to teach others what was most important that they knew, so one day it might be karate, the next calculus made easy.


Blaine Smith Fri 16 Aug 2013 9:04PM

I like that center idea Jammie. I am much the same, I enjoy diversity and learning new things so I'm in to doing almost anything (so long as it's not damaging to people or nature in an irreversible way). I have a week where I won't have internet access so I might spend that we build an electrically generator, and if it work I will build a few of those to supply the community with free electricity.


cathy brian Mon 19 Aug 2013 1:11PM

Do we currently have a model for rbe community to start and/or one we could visit?


Jammie Gregory Mon 19 Aug 2013 3:39PM

the model is whatever people agree to


Xich Quy Thu 22 Aug 2013 6:29PM

I think we should teach and learn from each other as much as we can because we do not need specialists and humans are capable of learning unlimited skills. Share everything, including knowledge.

Of course, in the beginning we'll need certain specialists like doctors, dentists, etc., but, in time with technology, we'll be able to replace them with robots.

We can delegate work, but everything must be voluntary. Being a RBE, the available resources will determine what we can do. With novel ideas, I think they should be allowed if there are plenty of resources and human-power. Just remember that we are looking for the best application of technology and use of our resources, so we should always work in teams, or at some point, there is group consultation.

Eventually, we'll have enough resources and human-power to 'fund' anyone's pet project. But in the initial stages, we need to focus on food, shelter, and energy production - any novel idea worth investigating must directly benefit the group.


Thomas A. Anderson Fri 23 Aug 2013 10:50AM

I think we need a solid list of things that will need to be done. then we need each person to place a list of their priority of desire on each, but expect that if things need done that everyone will have to pitch in a certain amount of time on tasks that no one wants to do really. (or very few like doing, and they are sick or something, or just need a break and to do something different to keep them from being burned out.)