Thu 2 Mar 2017 11:36AM

New website discussion

GG Gina Grainger-Windridge Public Seen by 489

A discussion around the wants/needs of creating a new website.

For context:

The current B&NES Green Party website uses a content management system called ModX. This CMS is very limiting and restricts us to doing minimal page updates and news posts.

I (Gina) am proposing that we look at creating a new website that would use WordPress as its CMS. Allowing us to have full freedom to host on-site petitions, have campaign specific sub-domains and more.

I would be the person creating this new site. It would either be a purchased theme that we could customise (around £60-90), or something I code from scratch (would take longer and is more work for me but is free).

N.B: Please discuss below your wants/needs/ideas for the new website.


Gina Grainger-Windridge Fri 3 Mar 2017 10:20AM


  • Various different contact forms for volunteering, general contact etc (need to find out if these 'have' to be linked to GP Civi system or not)
  • A easily updatable calendar which automatically removes past events and syncs up with Google Calendar
  • Various 'user role levels' which would mean that a select few could have admin privilege to look at technical aspects of the site, and others could just write blog/news posts
  • An approval system where somebody will write a blog/news post and have it approved before publishing
  • A 'job' page, with out current open positions/volunteer opportunities
  • A better looking and easily updatable 'Our People' page (at the moment it is very fiddly to update so only I can really do it)
  • A better 'Donate' page which is more obvious and appealing
  • A more visually appealing and easily updatable 'Our Policies' page. (ideally the Policy Officer could update this without help from web team)


  • A sub-domain created for Let Bath Breathe
  • A sub-domain created for Eleanor Field
  • Sub-domains created for any other campaigns/elections coming up

Gina Grainger-Windridge Thu 15 Jun 2017 9:56AM

I've been working on a potential structure for the new website (see image). Feedback is very much welcome on this but in general it includes all the current pages we have now with a little simplification. It also includes a few extra pages, like one specifically for Lin and one for Young Greens.


Louis Williams Thu 15 Jun 2017 1:17PM

Great work put in so far there @ginagraingerwindri as I know you've been reviewing the website for a while.

As someone who's used ModX for BaNES and SWGP - this would make content creation and management so much easier. Allowing more people to get involved, but also make volunteer less wasted trying to use an outdated system