Rustling up community bloggers.

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Sean Tilley Fri 14 Sep 2012 8:29AM

So, for our Planet to be useful, we need to find some regular bloggers. A couple quick things to note:

1.) A Planet works like so: instead of acting like a central blogging platform, it fetches blog posts from many different defined places. So, you don't have to set up a brand new blog or anything to use Planet. You just need to submit an RSS Feed from your own blog, so that the Planet knows to pick it up for syndication.

2.) Right now, ideally the Planet should be pre-populated with people that are involved in some way, shape, or form with the project.

Developers, hobbyists hacking on a feature, blogs with the latest news from various pods (for example, to make pod announcements where many people can see them), and long-term community regulars are welcome to apply.

3.) You should only submit your blog if you're comfortable with the idea of posting semi-regularly, and having increased traffic to your blog. After all, some folks like to keep to themselves, and that's fine.

4.) When you submit a blog,ou should actually be submitting an RSS/Atom feed. A best practice would be to use the RSS feed generated from a specific tag on your blog. For example, I submitted an RSS feed from my own blog that only deals with Diaspora-related topics, when I choose to write about Diaspora. Many different types of blog software out there supports the use of generated RSS feeds from tags. You can see my example feed here:

5.) To keep the server tidy, old posts on Planet need to be pruned in one way or another. It really depends on how active we get it to be. If there's a high volume of bloggers, we could delete old entries every couple of days.

If it's a lower volume of bloggers, we can instead delete every couple of weeks. The idea is that we don't want the fetched copies of blog posts to all pile up too much; we just want enough so that regular visitors can keep informed as to what's going on.


Florian Staudacher Sat 15 Sep 2012 12:27AM

I haven't blogged in a while (1,5 years) and I'm not even sure my blogging software works anymore ... maybe that could be my cue to set up a new blog and start writing again :P


Sean Tilley Sun 16 Sep 2012 6:16PM

Making a list of users that have expressed interest in having their blogs syndicated on the Planet:

So far:

1.) JanKusangi, the guy working on the Dianara desktop client for Diaspora. http://jancoding.wordpress.com/category/diaspora-2/

2.) Raven24, if he's up for it? ;)
3.) Hans Fase, if he's up for it.
4.) Adding Podmin blogs is kind of a no-brainer here. Which pods have blogs that talk about updates?

What other awesome peeps might be interested?:)