Social Media report 2014-09-26

RJ Ricky Jefferyes Public Seen by 17

Facebook page 1914. Up 6 from last week
Facebook group 218. Up 114 from last week
Twitter 177. Down 1 from last week
Loomio 20. Same as last week
YouTube 19. Same as last week
Google + 11. Up 1 from last week


Ricky Jefferyes Fri 26 Sep 2014 8:26AM

I've been watching the weekly reports that Facebook sends about our Facebook page for the last couple months. On average, for every 3 new likes we get, we also lose 2. So 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

The large growth in the Facebook group was once again thanks to Steve Wickenden who invited about 50 people all at once. Some of them invited more people and about 20 people asked to join of their own accord.

With Twitter, I'm not sure how many new followers we got and how many we lost. It is a bit concerning that our total followers has fallen though. We will have to take a look into what is being posted there. Perhaps rather that trying to post lots, post less and make sure it's interesting.

Loomio, YouTube and G+ have all had little attention. I will try to bring G+ to the attention of more people this week.


Malcom Minks Fri 3 Oct 2014 7:34AM

Twitter is up by 6 this week.
Pictures grab people. Memes.
People like to be thanked for following. They favourite them or retweet them. It makes people feel good.

Twitter is different to Facebook in its social aspect. There is less room to comment. So it has to be direct and to the point.

The idea is to get people talking about things on keys nights. Like QandA. That is a huge night. On that night, someone in the deeper end of politics needs to be on to participate in comments and postings. Get involved with their online constituents. Using hashtags and placing SOL in the mix.

Every week, maybe someone can give me a focal point. Then I can use hashtags representative to this focus. Put SOL in there as well.

We may need to follow particular people and comment on things in order to be seen.

I run my Twitter page with a focal point on environment and renewables. My following is larger than my followers at the moment but I'm looking on a global scale and not simply on an Australian scale.

Ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.