Wed 8 Aug 2018 11:59PM

Sludge Podcast: Crowdsourcing Questions to ask David Moore

Hey all, Pamela of ProgCode here! On Friday I'll be hosting a podcast interview of David Moore re his work with Sludge--a new digital publication in the US focused on investigative journalism to illuminate dark money campaign finance which wrecks havoc on US & global societies. https://readsludge.com/

Sludge is one of the publications hosted on CIVIL's decentralized international journalism platform utilizing blockchain & Ethereum for access by coop members. https://civil.co/

I'm eager to hear questions the OAE community would like to ask David about Sludge and decentralized cooperative journalism if you were given the opportunity.

Thank you!


Alexandre Bourlier Thu 9 Aug 2018 8:08AM

Excellent inititiative. I'll try to dig in and see if I have questions tonight.
Liked the pitch


Pamela John (Progressive Coders Network) Thu 9 Aug 2018 4:20PM

Fantastic, thanks @alexandrebourlier1!


Bob Haugen Thu 9 Aug 2018 11:28AM

Very interesting! Looks like quite a few pubs are already onboard:

I'd be most interested in how Civil works for journalists and publication editors.
Does it track leads and stories?
Does it offer newsroom software for editing and production?
Nuts and bolts stuff, in general. Less about ICOs.


Pamela John (Progressive Coders Network) Thu 9 Aug 2018 4:20PM

Really great questions @bobhaugen, thanks so much! I'll add these to the queue.