Wed 12 Nov 2014 8:37AM

Agree the format for a volunteer incentive scheme.

VS Viv Slack Public Seen by 43

We want to set up a system to offer rewards to members that get involved as an incentive.

Current suggestion...
1. Points system based on what time you put in. Could track hours, or work out a points scale based on what you do. Need to decide details.
2. Incentives based on points/time accrued including track time, race skills sessions, socials or other rewards. Need to decide details.

Discuss, and when you're ready anyone can create a proposal. Vote on the first proposal, and if it's not quite right create a new one. When there's a proposal you're happy with it then take it to the committee and lets get it set it up.

With the increasing size of the club it is really important we crack this so the workload doesn't get unmanageable so lets try something, can tweak it over time so it's not set in stone.


Viv Slack Wed 12 Nov 2014 2:34PM

Note that Ian Whittell and Andy Hilton have drafted a proposal. Will get that up as a starting point once they have it in writing.