2023 July Guild Wide Meeting

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July Monthly Guild wide meeting  - July 12th, Wed 5:30pm EST (Virtual & in-person) 

Facilitator : Jacquie 

Secretary: Carlos & Dave 

Detailed Meeting Notes [Open the notes

1) Announcements 

- Please make sure to lock the storefront glass door! 

- Cafe is closed from 8/15-9/15 

- Volunteer Slack channel is LIVE (#Volunteer-Opportunity

2) Action items 

- Website Updates - New version is going LIVE on Monday. 

Please review and share your feedback with Jerone by Sunday or sooner. If you have any photos or particular assets to be inserted, please send them along with the feedback. 

- Newsletter submission - by Friday at 5pm 

If you want to share updates of your projects, upcoming events, in our social media or newsletter, please send that to [email protected] by Friday 5pm. 250 words or less. 

- Fall & Fundraising Event scheming Meeting 

Jerone will send out the calendar invite to everyone to scheme on fall events, guild activation, etc. 

- August Day of Care 

Carlos will send out more information and possible dates soon. 

3) For Guild Operation 

- New Basement team & Composting Team 

Jacquie will reach out to people about meeting, planning. 

- STaTS & Working team Meetings : Guild runs, because we do the work! 

  • Board Meetings - Mondays at 5pm

  • Piggybank Meetings - Mondays at 6pm  

  • Event team meetings - Every other Wednesdays at 6pm 

  • ​STaTS HQ - Friday at 4pm​

Thank you everyone and let's thrive together. 

Love and light


Jerone Thu 13 Jul 2023 5:30PM

Thank you @Yuko for keeping our minutes up to date in Loomio. You are the GOAT.