Sun 4 Oct 2020 4:12PM

MIOP 10/3 meeting

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Meeting was held 10/3 from 1-2:30. Notes below.


Rehj Sun 4 Oct 2020 4:19PM

Future meetings

  • Always do Zoom from here on out; Jitsi audio is fairlyl inconsistent

  • Keep our eyes open for better platform

  • They will be 1.5 hours instead of 1 hour

  • Sunday the 18th. is next meeting; put on calendar.

    • Rehj to put on MACC calendar. 1-2:30, 6-7:30

    • Rehj to prep and send out agenda for next meeting

    • Agenda for 10/18 so far:

      • talk layout and color schemes and overall visuality of journal

      • action items for people: wander around in SquareSpace and WordPress templates looking for stuff we like; look for websites we like and come prepared to get specific about what we want to website to look like (not just aesthetic issues but also content issues, e.g. will we have multiple articles to a page?)

      • also come with any thoughts about inclusion and how a journal, which so far mostly white people are working on, will do anti-racist work

Why Anarchism Pamphlet

  • waiting for one more graphic

  • everyone feels good about it but we should have one line-by-line group editing sessions

  • no one's agreed to be a layout artist

  • Matt will share other tri-folds content with us so we can get a sense of length and word count

  • printing: Radix (local); usually use big services like U-printing

  • from a service, color printing is little if any more expensive than B&W

  • recent example 1000 copies were $273 dollars including shipping

  • can price them without any content

  • Does Mayday space have a printer? Probably not but could be useful idea for future.

  • Thom will donate for our first run! (Thanks, Thom!)

Reading group


  • Lot of interest expressed, but this week and next week are tons of events.

  • We can remind people this week

    • announcement at O.A.

    • send another email to the mailing list

      • Rehj will send out reminder email to Internal list and Matt to study group

    • we could each own one of the readings, introduce and summarize it, then suggest a sort of provocation or idea

      • Rehj to reach out to Thom (moderator) afterward about which one I may formally introduce/summarize

    • in future we could consider 10 minutes of breakout? Esp. if we're having a hard time getting converation started the first time

      • Read the crowd and decide on the fly

  • We already have Zoom link to share; it's not on website calendar



  • there are several freelance writers in the group, who might really like to have links to their work from our website

  • Could find someone for fairly cheap who can do a SquareSpace or WordPress website

    • We will put out a call for any developers

      • John will post tweet that seeking left-friendly developers with experience when we are ready

Primer book

Status: Alex working on copy edits; Matt to check in. Haleh willing to finalize layout.

Free-ranging discussion

  • John and Maura (sp?; lawyer) have been talking; John is learning about criminal defense and is hoping to offer free pro bono criminal defense services. Currently family attorney, litigator. Might lead to some write-ups in the journal. What the law can and cannot do to people for participating in an uprising.

  • It would have been powerful if we had responded to the horrifying NY Times article. Let's be proactive and try to be more included in the public conversation. Release statements whenever something happens that we could want to comment on. Internal (if MACC does something newsworthy) and external (events in the world that need an archist perspective)

  • Press working group in the past: primarily received press requests and then people agree to be a spokesperson and give a quote. Or we have a big press list on mail chip so we can send out press releases for big actions and groups we're supporting.

  • should people be added to press signal loop? Or should we manage it the way we did it last time? (the latter)

  • free-lance rates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J2sEVSZUw954NzH5pBiyxmeWp3tGT_Uqwm604fNu49E/edit#gid=0

  • Gathering content either for journals or for articles/statements/press releases:

    • anticipate events and start producing content in advance that we can use in stuff

      • for example, we now have something we can tweak and release next time some cops are or aren't charged. what other events should we put content together for?

      • start a google doc where we can put in stuff to cut and paste

      • Rehj to start spreadsheet where we can organize finished articles and track their status

  • Ad-hoc method of getting a project going:

    • anybody who has an idea, reach out to the signal group and if people are interested we will collaborate

    • We will absolutely use google doc for it; no more ad-hoc awkward signal and Loomio collaboration

  • There's a Loomio thread about MACC in the news

  • Matt is a voice of continuity for MACC because he has been doing so much admin stuff for the past few years

  • We had quite a few articles in Al-jazeera a few years ago

Press releases

  • We have an event coming up on the 13th (Turkish consulate general), decided not to have a press release because it's very particular during election run-up

  • MACC involved in or the primary driver of the David Graeber carnival memorial? Could ask Marisa if we should put a press release out.

Tabling at outdoor markets

Dana seemed enthusiastic about tabling outdoor markets with free books and pamphlets and stuff. She was very involved in the library at abolition park.

all of our links










Courtney Sun 4 Oct 2020 7:57PM

this is great and so well organized! thanks so much @Rehj Cantrell ! the google doc link just below the ill will link says access denied.


Rehj Sun 4 Oct 2020 8:13PM

That one was created by John; if you just press the "Request Access" button he will give you access.


John Sun 4 Oct 2020 11:23PM

Yeah I will give access! It's weird, I thought I set it so anyone with the link can edit but I guess that didn't work. But yeah just send the request :)