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Transcript of contact so far:


Hi Christopher, I am contacting you because of your work with LEDLabs and your work on Burning Man art instalations.
We have access to a 10x10x10 LED Cube and we plan to turn it into an interactive installation for European burn events
Spektrum Delight
Spektrum Delight is a collaborative project performing some interactive LED structures with the visitors. We want everyone to experience ligh movements with easy to use applications...
I am a software engineer and involved with the project to do some custom work to use a kinect for interaction with the cube
would you be interested to collaborate with us?
We share a connection through Debi Cable who I know through Destiny Lounge
WED 6:49PM

Having access to a 10x10x10 LED cube is a lovely thing indeed! (I assume there are more than 10 LEDs per dimension.) What interaction do you have in mind? As you probably know, I created LED Lab, an iOS app that controls LED sculpture. It's currently 2D only, but I've long had ideas on how to make it 3D and would relish the chance to do so.

One thing though: This is my job. I need to be paid at some point for the hours I spend on this kind of thing. Is that in the picture here?
WED 8:28PM

Hi Christopher, thanks for responding, we contacted you because of LEDLab and the elegance of it's interface. I understand your position and will relay it to Fabrice Rozier who is working on the art grant proposal and is the project lead.

Thanks! Yes, my intention is to make LED Lab 3D at some point. So how many LEDs per dimension does this display have?
WED 11:26PM
10x10x10 = 1000 rgb balls
We are currently using madrix to control the cube but this requires a windows laptop or surface tablet
The controllers use artnet over ethernet connection

Artnet is one of the protocols LED Lab speaks.
So what kind of help are you looking for?

I guess that depends on our budget 😉
just kidding
what we would look for is a simplified version of ledlabs
something that can do scene selection and just allow a couple of sliders and controls that control that particular scene
the scenario is that we have the cube in a space and a console in front of it
anybody walking up to it would be able to interact with the cube
it would need to be dummy proof so people cannot mess up the settings or get the console into an inoperable state
a second thing is that we intend to spead out controls over two tablets
so one would be a client to the other over wifi
we are not sure of the actual architecture yet because we also hope to include a kinect
but we are going to meet this Saturday to come up with a functional spec
also we figured you might be interested to share some of your experiences with bringing art to the playa
our initial target is a couple of European burn events but if our approach works well we might bring it to the main burn
I am aware of the pioneering work Mark Lottor did with his Cubatrons, what we hope to add/evolve is the interactive component


ROZIER FABRICE Fri 20 Jan 2017 10:53AM

Yes, really interesting talk, this is great to have a feedback. There are several subjects I will try to answer

  1. I understand to financial aspect of his answer, I added one row in the budget file, for Software Licence (400€) even if I don't know how much it could be.

  2. If we are using MIDI controlers on Madrix, we don't' need LED Lab.
    If this is easier and doesn't cost more than 400€ for Software licence, it should be ok.

  3. He is asking about the universes, let me explain this :

    • DMX protocole is using 512 chanels for 1 universe.
    • The cube has 1000 LED bals X 3 chanels for RGB = 3000 chanels.
    • 3000 / 512 = 5,85 universes. So this is 6 universes.

In the link below, you will have access to Madrix set up for the cube, with correct assignement for the 3000 chanels and 6 universes (check in Preferences / Madrix Generator and also in Preferences / Device manager and also Preferences / Patch editor)


NOTE : as there are 8 DMX controlers, the 6 chanels universes are spread out on the 8 DMX universes automatically created by Madrix, depending on the hardware. So China supplier provided me a set up file in order to fix this functional issue.

  1. Functional specification: This is what we need to do, for sure. I will try to help on this.