Fri 23 Aug 2019 6:56AM

Translation guidelines

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I've been working with our German and French translators to improve the consistency and quality of those translations, (rather than just the completeness).

So far I've got 3 guidelines for others translating, and I'd love to find out if other translators have guidelines, tips or advice to share.

If your language distinguishes between personal and impersonal, use the more personal!

Make sure that you understand the different type of polls and activities that groups can do and that these are translated in way that is logical in your language.

Bear in mind the hyperlinks! The can be moved depending on the sentence structure of your language, so put them in place where you think it makes sense, not where they are placed in English.


Tina Irving Fri 23 Aug 2019 7:38AM


This fits nicely with my Spanish Academy - folk will have to sign up to see all of it...We can put it on there foc in the classrooms section when I put it on later today.


Do not try to translate every single word
Get the gist first then tie down the specifics
Do not expect to translate literally.
Use a range of texts within your abilities.

Do you want to link back to me with a Spanish flag at www.letsgoexploring.co.uk ( http://www.letsgoexploring.co.uk ) under Spanish academy.
Send me the link, and I will pop it on.

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Tina Irving Fri 23 Aug 2019 7:53AM

I have set up a forum for Interpretiion


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