Tue 26 Jul 2016 7:54PM

Polls for PPI-members and active pirates

NV Nikolay Voronov Public Seen by 310

Suggestion for Board:
1. invite representatives from all PPI-members on loomio (or any other platform)
2. we can create regular polls on loomio for some questions which doesn't need a quick action, for example - joining some UN-organization or Union or other NGO, financial budget or membership fees and so on, we can ask PPI-members to decide.
3. All votes are advisory, so no contradictions with Statuses, Board make decisions taking results into account (if possible).
4. This idea can bring more participation and transparency for PPI, we can attract parties to decision making process, let them feel important, members are ruling PPI and the Board is their secretary body


Larose75 Tue 26 Jul 2016 8:53PM

good idea
i'm in
(suggestion about this : what about launching loomio discussions about international program ?)


Zbigniew Łukasiak Wed 27 Jul 2016 7:04AM

This is a great idea - but we need a self-hosted loomio instance for this.