Fri 17 Apr 2015 1:56AM

The role and powers of the Motueka Community Board

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On Facebook we asked the question: "What sort of role and responsibilities should the Motueka Community Board take on? Should they have more or less powers and responsibilities? What could make them more effective (as advocates for our ratepayers to TDC)? Do you know enough about what they do already?"

The first few comments were:
Terri Everett -- No I don't know enough. I think we should be seeing them more in the public eye and involved directly with the people of the town.
Kym Parsons -- Our Community Board should be given the same powers as the Wanaka Community Board which has been given the maximum powers by the Queenstown Lakes District Council under the Local Government Act. Likewise a maximum limit of 10% of the rates collected should go into the general district fund with the other 90% being retained and spent within the Motueka Ward. Ratepayers are tired of funding Richmond's development at the expense of the rest of the district. Giving the MBC control of the Port Motueka Endowement Fund would be a great first step.
Johny O'Donnell -- The Community Board in it's current form is next to irrelevant. When the Jannie Seddon issue erupted the most common question was "who are the community board?". They need more power and more of a mandate from the local community. I think in the case of the current situation - we must use it or lose it.
Sue Clark -- I think the Community Board should be given a 6 monthly sum of money to spend on things the people of Motueka view to be the most important. They should then account for this money back to the TDC in order to get their next 6 monthly purse. The Communithy Board hold meetings that the general public can attend if they so wish...not many people take up this opportunity.

The discussion continues here, add your own comments please


Sue Clark Fri 17 Apr 2015 2:03AM

I think the Community Board needs a strong Head. Someone who gets things done and can let the population of Motueka know what project they are currently working on. It is important that this Board has a very positive attitude and has a go gettum crew to work alongside the Head Shebang lol


Malcolm Garrett Fri 17 Apr 2015 2:07AM

I came from Tuatapere which is in the Southland District Council, and has its own Community Board. There the SDC saw fit to give the Community Board, as many powers as it was legally able to, meaning that we had access to funds for local maintenance work, local projects etc. It is time the TDC followed suit and divested itself of the OVER-powering role it has taken for itself.