Fri 6 May 2022 11:52AM

Welcome to Trust the People and community transformation

PT Paul Thistlethwaite Public Seen by 206

Since 2020 Trust the People have been inspiring people to take action to transform our democracy from grassroots upwards. The intent of this discussion platform is to support action on the ground and we encourage all participants of this forum to support all meaningful progress towards better democracy.

So jump in, novices and old hands, engage, connect, discuss, share and learn. Welcome to any new community transformers to this forum, great to have you here.


Tobias Sun 29 May 2022 7:16PM

Hi, on the header of the main page the link after ‘To get more involved with our latest project visit’ doesn’t seem to go anywhere : )


Paul Thistlethwaite Sun 29 May 2022 7:44PM

Fixed, thanks for letting us know :)