2024 January Guild Wide Meeting Note

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Hi everyone, Great meeting yesterday. So much excitement and energy for the new year! Let's get it.


Wednesday, January 10th 5:30pm ET

- Facilitator: Carlos Johns-Dávila

- Secretary: Dave/Jerone/Tony/Renee

- Link to Agenda Doc [Click here to Open the Doc]


- [Snow Squad] Salt is by the package shelf in the stairwell.

- [Building] Do not flush paper towels!

- [Covid & Flu] Please be safe and healthy. Take care of yourself and each other.

Action items & Upcoming

1) 1/12 Friday 6:30pm Building Tax-Property Structure Call

If you're interested, please ask Jerone to be added to the calendar invite.

2) Fill out this form "PPAC Member Roles"

Get to know each other's vision and support each other. Thank you Chris, Cassie and HQ team.

3) Newsletter/Social Media Submission: Due 1/12 Friday at 5pm

Email [email protected] or reply to this email with 250 words or less blurb, image, link to be included in the upcoming newsletter.

4) January Day of Care

Planning session is 1/18,

Actions are happening on 1/20 & 26. Thanks Carlos!

If you have any questions, please reply to this email, ask everyone in Whatsapp. Next Guild wide meeting is February 7th.

Love and light