Wed 27 Feb 2019 4:00PM

Participatory Re-design of the Collaboratory

RZ Rosalind Zavras Public Seen by 5

Hey everyone,

So I wanted to let you know that the Collaboratory Working Group met to discuss the design for the workspace. After going over the various needs and challenges that have been expressed, we realized that we would love to generate ideas through a members, residents, and guests co-design process. Therefore, we'd like to propose the following:

Starting Monday March 4, we will have a table dedicated to a scale model of the collaboratory. The process is as follows:
* Any member, resident, or guest who uses or would use the collaboratory is invited to participate!
* Play with the design of the collaboratory model there will be some 'mandatory features' (such as sitting desks, standing desks, printer station, life station, etc.) and some 'extra features' (couch, comfy chair, puzzle station, etc.). Create the space that you feel represents a welcoming and inviting space for all participants
* Answer this survey after your design is complete
* Take a photo and attach it to the end of your survey

We will also take photos at the same time everyday to create a time lapse overlay of the designs. After two weeks the design process will close and we will share around the photos for a vote and consideration.

Do you have any questions or comments about this process?


michelle j. Wed 27 Feb 2019 4:06PM



Chris Thu 28 Feb 2019 11:44PM

Awesome. Looking forward to experiencing the outcome of this process when I next visit.