Fri 13 Mar 2015 1:12AM

Open Space at OS//OS

AI Alanna Irving Public Seen by 308

Now that we've confirmed the programme, we have defined a time for Open Space: 1:30-3PM on Friday April 17, in two 45-minute sessions.

This is a time to welcome the amazing expertise and diversity of our participant community, and invite people to host sessions on their area of interest. Attendees can then chose what they want to go to freely.

The plan is to gather proposed sessions online in the run up to the event, and then display them visually (like a large poster) at the conference, so attendees can explore their options. And there will be an invitation to add more sessions there, as great ideas come up or conversations emerge that need more time.

If you are interested in hosting an Open Space session, please fill out this form.

Also keen to hear feedback from this community about Open Space at OS//OS - what should we keep in mind to make this a success?


Greg Cassel Sun 15 Mar 2015 10:38PM

I think the plan sounds great and thanks Alanna for this post. My main thought is that for Open Space to be a great success, it will need to be a highly conspicuous opportunity for potentially interested parties. :) I think it's actually a pretty good promo point for the conference in general, so perhaps it could be incorporated in some general messaging.


Alanna Irving Mon 16 Mar 2015 1:25AM

Agree @gregorycassel - I plan to start pushing it more on social media and through various networks soon. There will also be opportunities at the conference itself to post up sessions.