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Welcome! Please introduce yourself

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Take a moment to let the group know a bit about who you are. Post a comment below.

What’s your role or approach to participation in this group? What should people know about you to understand where you’re coming from?


Cujoe Sat 16 Mar 2019 9:35PM

Hello everyone my name is Brenden Cujas and i would like to share a little bit of my back ground with you. Somethings i would like to share are my hobbies,my college background,my interests,and what i have in stored for everyone.

The first thing that I would like to talk about is my hobbies. My main hobby is traveling between states but also would love to go out side of the country too. Another hobby that i have is gaming. I love playing survival games and rpgs for the most. My last hobby is hanging out with friends. I really enjoy hanging out with friends and play board games and just doing anything.

The next thing i would love to talk about is my college experience. My college experience was pretty good. Im going to school for it,network security, and advanced networking. I really enjoy hanging out on my pc and enjoy writing some policy.

What have in stored is an enjoyable time gaming