Wed 18 Jun 2014 12:33AM

Welcome to this small trial

JV John Veitch Public Seen by 8

Until today, Wednesday morning, there have only been 4 people here. We've made some mistakes but we're learning how this scheme works.

A tiny but confusing in the beginning.
ANYONE, including new members can START a discussion. After a discussion has been initiated, and preferably after there has been an adequate exchange of views, ANYONE can put forward a proposal on which people can then vote.

I think the system only deals with one proposal at a time, for each discussion.

Also you can make your discussion public or private. Up to now we've only used private discussions. but I chose to make this one public.

Over the next three days I expect fifteen new people to join the group. Welcome all.


John Veitch Wed 18 Jun 2014 12:37AM

Notice the small World beside the topic title. That indicates the public nature of the discussion.

Private discussions have a small padlock in that position.


John Veitch Thu 19 Jun 2014 11:29AM

If you are new here, note that only four people are currently empowered to invite new members to the group.

That can change, but the group makes it's own rules, and you have to engage in discussions to change the rules. That involves opening new discussions on any topic you choose, allowing the discussion to run for a while, and then making a proposal you hope people will vote for.