1/15/19: NPR Alert -- Listen to Age of Surveillance Capitalism, discuss #NewDealREData

BW Bill Wendel Public Seen by 30

Interested in the use of personal data, potential misuse in real estate? Recommend listening NPR program today, 11-noon or on demand:


"The unprecedented nature of surveillance capitalism has enabled it to elude systematic contest because it cannot be adequately grasped with our existing concepts. We rely on categories such as “monopoly” or “privacy” to contest surveillance capitalist practices. And although these issues are vital, and even when surveillance capitalist operations are also monopolistic and a threat to privacy, the existing categories nevertheless fall short in identifying and contesting the most crucial and unprecedented facts of this new regime."

"If the digital future is to be our home, then it is we who must make it so. We will need to know. We will need to decide. We will need to decide who decides. This is our fight for a human future."

Think it's time to create a #NewDealREData, starting with a real estate consumer bill of digital rights? Follow #RE2020: