Tue 15 Jan 2019 2:59PM

Big Massive Commons Oriented Hack

JF Josh Fairhead Public Seen by 137

Hi friends, I posted the following info in a connversational loomio created for my immediate network. I wonder if any of you are aware of the hack, and if anyone wishes to come and play? (if so, come join the linked channel and post in the odyssey hack thread!). One love, J

Odyssey is a large participatory hack event aimed towards enabling the commons.
It was started by Jan-Peter Domernik who I met yesterday. This is his TEDx Vision talk. Those that do the work, write the narrative. Nature2.ooo.

€10,000 Bounty/Challenge on tokenising the Odyssey Ecosystem itself (which looks like its built on Riot!? Called Mobilize.io). There will be 20 teams receiving incubation funding €200,000 of funding (added context from Jan: "it is €10,000 per 5 teams (a challenge is 5 teams)" - unsure what that means but don't really care... DYOR)

The hackathon partners pick the winners as they will then fund the projects:
• Deep dives are for clarifying questions or eliciting problems from the partners.
• Winners understand the problem
• Winners are people willing to go forward making

Additional fun:
Nature 2.0 track
Me looking for devs (not sure it links correctly)

Manifesting thoughts:
Pi in the sky idea: treat it as a performance event. Co-ordinate the events meta by decentralising ourselves into unknown groups and working as intra group facilitators where useful (its co-operative but most people don't understand Holocratic/S3 patterns, nor know each other and thus there are mental barriers to inter group collaboration).

Pi in the sky idea: co-host event/meetup to try organise some London participants (suggested to Jacek).

Please re-share wherever you see fit