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JB Jago Brown Public Seen by 389

We are unlikely to have time on the day, but later if someone could structure the career tree data to create a network - gephi.org is an interesting tool for visualising




Sonja Grussendorf Thu 4 May 2017 10:30AM

I like this idea a lot and would definitely encourage for anyone to pursue this. In the last hour on the day, when we will leave everyone to get on with what they find interesting, some might turn to visualisations. Great idea!


Lynn Thu 4 May 2017 11:29AM

Thanks Jago for introducing me to gephi.org.

Will you have a go at your proposal. I'd be interested in seeing how you would tackle this.

Sonja, I think the tree is such a clever way of organising this activity. Apart from the content that will be created, I am really looking forward to experiencing the process.


Sonja Grussendorf Sun 7 May 2017 7:38AM

So am I, Lynn. We'll see if it works at all - but I am confident something will emerge from it :)