Tue 15 Mar 2016 7:03AM

Fringe Fest Debrief

E Eamonn Public Seen by 302

Hey Everyone,

Most of you will be aware for three weeks in Feb/March 17 Tory St was the home to several Fringe Festival events and I thought I would post about it here to let everyone know what happened.

There were 9 Shows in total they were:
Queens - Maria Williams
Misunderstood the Musical - Raven Horse Productions
D - Jess Brownell
Seeing the City and Licking it's Crown - Ania and Kim Upstill
Potato Stamp Megalomaniac - Pressure Point Collective
Raster - Crux
Exposure - Sara Pattison
Future Splendid - Jonny Potts
I, Will Brown - Eamonn Marra (me)

The shows were very ranged from Art to Comedy to Dance to Theatre to somewhere in between and brought a range of different people into the space and I thought it was a really special time.

The producers should all have deposited some koha for the space into the 17 Tory St bank account for the space.

Most groups were very easy to deal with and worked well with the space, there was one group who was a bit more difficult and I don't think I would personally want to be involved if they were using the space again. (They rearranged the space without permission and did not put things back where they found them, I tried to put everything back to normal but I may have not got it completely right so sorry if your stuff has been moved around)

Lastly, I'm really sorry for leaving a bunch of booklets and posters in the space after my show finished on Saturday. I hit the wall after Fringe and was so exhausted and really should have gone back to clear them up, my plan was putting them out to recycle on the Tuesday after Fringe but I didn't get back into the space in time, and when I went back in today someone else had cleaned them up. So thanks to whoever did that.

For next year, if we are involved with Fringe I think it would be worth applying for some funding from CNZ. Some other venues do this and it works well for them.

Does anyone have any feedback or anything they want to say about Fringe at 17 Tory?


Murdoch Wed 16 Mar 2016 10:17AM

Awesome job bringing this together @eamonn - I was the happy recycler on Tuesday. In terms of koha, there have been a couple of deposits - two, I think - one from Aj Gunn (not sure who he's associated with) and one from Jess. Both here very generous and its great to see. I saw Ania today as she took the tables away.


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 16 Mar 2016 10:23PM

Thanks for closing the loop Eamonn, I love it when people reflect at the end of a thing.


Kowhai Wheeler Wed 16 Mar 2016 10:46PM

hear, hear


Eamonn Thu 17 Mar 2016 12:23AM

thanks heaps @murdoch

AJ Gunn is from Pressure Point Collective/Potato Stamp Megalomaniac, can you email me at the end of the week if any others haven't done so and I'll chase them up. (I still have my koha to deposit too, I just haven't got to a bank to deposit the koha from my show yet)


Murdoch Thu 17 Mar 2016 7:28AM

Will do @eamonn - good on you for pushing our koha boat out.


Kat Upenatem Sun 24 Apr 2016 10:13AM

A question about koha - when liaising, are there any guidelines for koha, if they ask for such? (this question is unrelated to Fringe sorry Eamonn.)


Murdoch Mon 25 Apr 2016 12:32AM

It's all on the handout sheet.


Kat Upenatem Mon 25 Apr 2016 11:29PM

awesome thanks, i guess that means the actual amount (or percentage) is up to the group using the space :-)Thanks :-)


Murdoch Tue 26 Apr 2016 1:02AM

The full liaison process and pdf is here: https://www.loomio.org/d/GfiSXsNe/liaison-process - can you start a new discussion when making a new topic @katupenatem so people all look at it in the future? No biggie, it just means that everyone will look at it rather than it just disappearing in an old topic. Also, please use the @ key if you want to ask a specific person a question as that sends them a message that they've been mentioned. Most of us only log on a couple of times a week so conversations that require a response need a bit more pushing along and reminders and the @ mention is great for that.