Sun 6 Apr 2014 4:51AM

Creating Safe Space at Liberty Plaza

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In the past we have had #OccupyTrinity directly on Broadway which was used as a Safe Zone during #S17 & May Day.

As the micro encampment population became Occupy Sandy front liners we lost the one area that was maintained as a HARD No Arrest Zone for those with mobility & crowd concerns.

There is a support culture already existing that has been leveraged to maintain it inlc. Queering OWS, OccuEvolve, Disability Caucus, The Parents of the Occupation, street medics & ACLU Legal Observers in the past that is willing to do the same again this year.

Would building part of the May Day Flow of events to include the park till sunset as a Safe Zone?

How would we layer such a thing wo it getting to busy or loud?


EricZen Sun 13 Apr 2014 12:37AM

I’m not sure what the best proposal is here? What gets busy or loud, the event in general? Yes I’m called to help facilitate safe space but whathas werkd in the past best?


Justin Fri 18 Apr 2014 1:40AM

Well the Street Medic community will be at Liberty on May Day from Noon to Midnight as a start. https://www.facebook.com/events/245396675664520/


Tricia Fri 18 Apr 2014 12:22PM

What about having Ground Zero as a refuge for peaceful protesters from police aggression during the day and make arrangements for sleepful protests? http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/13/nyregion/evicted-from-park-occupy-protesters-take-to-the-sidewalks.html?_r=0


Sally G Fri 18 Apr 2014 3:55PM

There will be a lot of folks at Liberty/Zuccotti; it is a natural focus, for out-of-towners, police, in addition to (maybe even more than?) locals. It seems to me that this might make it less of the “safe space refuge” than people want. Certainly the right place for medics; that is where people will look for assistance, or to find a resource that might be elsewhere. Yes, sleepful protests make sense, I think.


Justin Sat 19 Apr 2014 4:15AM

Sally have you been to Ground Zero since the park & memorial opened? There is no direct physical access.

You may want to take a peek at the event the medics are doing the idea is to make Zuccotti the safe space, we've done it before.

We do not expect any 'aggression' at all during May Day but hope to set the intention to use Liberty as a quiet counter space to Union Square.

Lots of love on May Day usually.

Here's some of the events so far:


Sally G Sat 19 Apr 2014 4:37AM

No, just viewed from above at the Rebuild by Design presentation—long, annoying story! If those plans are afoot, I retract my concerns.