Friday brings a lot of new stuff to the conversation

PB Peter Bryant Public Seen by 328

So, Digital is not the Future was designed to be a place where multiple conversations can happen and where everyones voice can be heard in the debate and get us all into 'the room'. And then, provide all of us with something to use, to stay, to slap down in front of a VC or a finance committee and say 'there you go'.

To add to the discussion we are holding a face to face hack at the LSE on Friday. All of their deliberations and thoughts will feed into the Loomio site, so peeps, don't get scared when you see all this activity, because there will be lots of it in a very condensed period. There will be thread, proposals and comments, plus (we hope) a barrage of tweets around #futurehappens.

Just a heads up, if you feel inundated, just switch of notifications from 12pm until around 5pm on Friday and then turn them back on and welcome a lot of new people and ideas to this debate.


Colin simpson Thu 14 Apr 2016 12:19AM

Cool. Pretty sure I'll be asleep but I look forward to seeing it.