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Suggestions to present to Nightlife Advisory Board

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Nikhil Tue 18 Dec 2018 6:34PM

OK cool I'm seeing the other threads! I wish there was more time for us to get a plan together (the phone call with Alvester is today, yeah?), but I am glad the communication system here looks promising. Chris let us know how it goes and thanks!


Alba Tue 18 Dec 2018 6:48PM

Huzzah! I am arrived!


Chris St. Hilaire Tue 18 Dec 2018 6:50PM

Yup it's tonight at 8:30 EST. I will be reviewing and working on it for most of the day, so feel free to add any relevant points / approaches / info here. I probably will not go into too much detail with him w/o getting everyone's input and arriving at a consensus, but I've got enough to convey some key points and keep the conversation going until we meet, and will be inquiring about generally how the Advisory Board works as well.


Chris St. Hilaire Tue 18 Dec 2018 6:50PM

Hey! You made it!


Joe Tue 18 Dec 2018 8:44PM

I think the "SMC Platform draft" looks pretty good for purposes of your discussion (assuming that's the document you're going to reference). Also, would definitely throw the housing question into the mix; we should ask for the world as things will always be pared down and compromised. I would prioritize asking Alvester for his input on where he thinks we should focus our efforts both as it relates to issues that are lower hanging fruit, and also his recommendations for coalition building, whether it's elected/community officials or other larger organizations which share--or are at least willing to support--the SMC vision.


Nikhil Wed 19 Dec 2018 12:27AM

Man, I'm glad we worked on these documents! Yeah between the platform and the suggestions at the end of the listening tour notes I think there is a good amount of material to discuss with Alvester and Joe I think your additions are right on. It's funny, it had been so long since I've really had my head in this that I didn't recall we had gone this in depth with our conversations.

I'd be curious to know what issues Alvester sees in front of him that he feels concerned about, in general, and from a musicians point of view.

Aside from that I'd say it seems like there is a healthy amount of material to get a convo going... not sure what to add other than thanks for being down to do the talking! I know you will represent us well! Looking forward to hearing about it.


Chris St. Hilaire Wed 19 Dec 2018 12:45AM

Solid, thanks guys. I will be sure to ask him about Coalition building and where he sees us having the most impact, as well as his concerns as a musician... Ill bring up Housing too. Peep the attached article on that subject. It's a pretty good read - some interesting facts I did not know and examples of creative solutions from around the country...

And yeah, it's easy to forget how much brainstorming we have already done on this. Good thing we wrote it down!


Alba Wed 19 Dec 2018 4:08AM

Hey guys, this all looks amazing! I've been under the weather and am still trying to kick my big, so I've fallen a tad behind. However, I agree with everything so far. I'll re-read all the documents more carefully. I do love how this is organized. I like that I can reach all the related documents from here through a link. It definitely makes the conversation easier to follow! I already feel like it's not as daunting that I missed these several hours of conversation/updates!


Nikhil Thu 20 Dec 2018 3:45PM

Yeah so far I'm digging the Loomio. Hope you're feeling better today Alba!


Chris St. Hilaire Thu 20 Dec 2018 6:51PM

Hey guys, I had quite a robust conversation with Alvester on Tuesday. I really like that guy! Attached are my abridged notes.

Didn't get to every topic, but I think it was a good start. Take a look and let me know your thoughts when you get a chance.

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