Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:15AM

Discuss: 5 Communication

CS Chris Setz Public Seen by 223

 Meetings:
Are meetings places for: (1) proposals; (2) discussions and (3) decision-making?
What may be limitations of meetings: (1) timing and time constraints; (2) packed agendas; (3) participation (difficulty to attend or to speak given their structure and/or personal confidence/ease); etc?
What may be the positive aspects of meetings:
(1) meeting other members and personal contact;
(2) spaces for speech and action, etc.
How do you feel about making decisions in meetings?
Do you feel like you usually need more time to think about them, to fully understand what they entail, and to listen to other people's opinions?
Do you think about the decisions you made after the meeting is over and wish you had voted differently? In the current frameworks, are there ways to "go back" on the decisions made?  
 Emails:
Are emails a good way to communicate with different StART members involved in specific project?
Can you think of a time when using email was particularly positive and why? E.g. setting stall for housing allocation survey because of responsiveness of different members.
Can you think of a time when using email was particularly frustrating and why? E.g. organizing the film night, because of the development of parallel conversations and difficulty to keep up.
Do you think you receive too many emails? Would you like to receive emails regarding particular subjects? Would you prefer to have more open discussions about certain things, rather than have members send responses to the person responsible for taking action and following up on responses? Can you think of a time when this discussion was important? E.g. explaining who StART wants to house, including area for the calculation of average income and affordability. .
 Other online communication resources: Loomio? Slack? (brief description of how each works)
Have you tried other online communication tools, which ones and in what context? What was your experience?
Are we willing to try other tools, perhaps initially with certain groups (e.g. meanwhile use, finance, etc.)
What are other benefits? E.g. creating an archive as you go, which might make it easier for new members to follow through. Making it more inclusive. Is creating an archive desirable?