Wed 1 Aug 2018 8:18AM

Wild commons, gene drives, breaking the frame

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Entire wild commons are targeted by the emergent technology of gene drives. Here is a YouTube video of a talk by Jim Thomas - An introduction to gene drives - given at GM+20 in London, December 2nd 2017 (a conference celebrating 20 years of successful anti-GM campaigns).

The video is posted by Breaking the Frame.and is on their home page (at July 2018). Breaking the Frame is tangentially a commons-oriented organisation, primarily a roots democracy campaign group around technological formations, started in 2014:
>Breaking The Frame is based on the idea that everyone has the right to take part in decisions about technology. We aim to break the frame that conceals the politics of technology — to expose the common roots of the wide-ranging social and environmental problems caused by technologies.

'Breaking the frame' is a reference to the Luddite movement of weavers, spinners and stockingers in the early industrial revolution.