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Is there anyway to begin beta testing the upcoming iOS app using TestFlight? Thanks!


Robert Guthrie Thu 28 Nov 2019 7:25PM

PWA is an app made from web technologies rather than android or ios specific technologies.

The intention is that it behaves just like you'd expect an app to do, and has push notifications and other nice things, but it's all web standards.

If we get the PWA right, then custom installs of Loomio can all have an app too, and they don't need to deliver it via the app stores.

iOS does not have the same commitment to PWA a based future that android does, so we're intending to wrap the PWA in a container that allows us to deliver a similar experience to iphone. An app store based version of the app will only work with loomio.org (at least, initially)

The intention is to deliver the best experience we can, to as many people as we can, with our tiny dev team.

I urge people to just wait and see. I know there is hunger and I'm pleased and doing all that I can.


Luke Flegg Thu 28 Nov 2019 12:30PM

Hello :)

I'm not sure what PWA is 馃

Huh! Howcome an iOS app but not Android? I would've imagined more users on Android..

I wonder if there is also a soft class accessibility question around how Apple products are extremely expensive so iOS users generally represent a note middle class demographic.. just interesting which users get prioritised in accessibility in software development. But maybe there's other issues around features and ease of so development?

Mainly in just hoping for push notifications on Android, and Loomio not being lost amid my many tabs.


Robert Guthrie Wed 27 Nov 2019 7:04PM

I'm currently not planning on making an android app - but it's not a fixed decision. If our work on a PWA turns out well then that will be the best experience on android anyway.


Luke Flegg Wed 27 Nov 2019 7:01PM

Do we know if the app will hit Android at the same time as iOS?
I had a wee hunt around for a cheeky product roadmap but couldn't find one.
Definitely a tech nerd and I don't think there's any piece of software I'm more excited for in the world right now than Loomio getting an app.

Up there with XR launching a legally adopted liquid democracy platform to support the role out of Citizens Assemblies


Robert Guthrie Wed 5 Aug 2020 7:44PM

Thanks for checking in. We're not yet at the stage of working on a specific iOS app.

Since the release of 2.0 we've been doing a huge amount of behind the scenes transformation, which is about ready to culminate in a significant upgrade of how Loomio looks and feels. I think it will really shine on mobile. I'll let you know.


Zack Tue 7 Jul 2020 7:08PM

Hi! checking in on this six months later. Is there any progress on beta testing a Loomio mobile app?


Robert Guthrie Wed 27 Nov 2019 7:05PM

Oh Look, here I go making time estimates badly.You probably won't directly notice, but the thread page has gotten sooo much better over the last month or so, that's the basis for an excellent mobile app, but yeah, we're behind on push notifications. At this stage it's an early 2020 release.


Robert Guthrie Fri 8 Nov 2019 12:20AM

Sorry for the slow reply. We're releasing Loomio 2 now.. it's about 2 weeks before we move onto push notifications and then the app. Thanks for your patience and I'm sorry it seems to move slowly, but I assure you we're making excellent progress and the wait will be worth it. I'm keen to get testing support when we're there.

Thanks again


Zack Thu 24 Oct 2019 2:20PM

Is there any update on this?


Robert Guthrie Tue 3 Sep 2019 8:19PM

We're not quite there yet, but in a couple of weeks I'll let you know. Thanks for the interest.