Thu 3 Jul 2014 10:57PM

Meeting to make an action plan

RB Rowan Brooks Public Seen by 15

In the original fire-lit co-op discussion we talked about trying to meet late July, slightly more clued up and looking to gather forward momentum. Where are we at with this idea?

Perhaps some initial discussion points:

  • Is there interest in setting aside a date and time to meet?
  • Do we want to make a public invitation to discuss Wellington co-ops, or keep it within closer networks currently?
  • Other things?

Rowan Brooks Thu 3 Jul 2014 11:01PM

I'm keen to meet, some week night of either week of 21st or 28th July. Maybe inviting friends of friends via an open facebook event that sets context, but not publicising very actively.

and if people came to that meeting with a tiny bit of research into possible Co-op structures and set-up processes we could probably have a productive discussion.