Mon 26 Aug 2013 4:51PM

17 memeber, 6 pending, not much discussion...

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 19

I only see several people involved in discussions, I guess a lot of people joined this group just to jump on the wagon in case it was going somewhere but not realizing that it's not going to go anywhere if hardly anyone is involved in the discussion or decisions... I may try to recruit some more from the HRBE pool, but there can only be 50 in this group at one time. If all else fails I'm moving to CO next spring and buying land myself, I'll keep a list of the people who are really interested in this and invite them later.


Marc Legere Mon 26 Aug 2013 5:39PM

I'm redrafting my proposal after seeing the ecovillage model


kathryn mireles Tue 27 Aug 2013 12:02AM

I'm really sorry about the slow response. I've gotten pretty nervous about the whole thing after reading all the info. Mostly about leaving my family. If I knew even one other person from my life who would like to join with me, I'm sure it would be different, but I haven't found anyone yet.


Blaine Smith Tue 27 Aug 2013 12:20AM

There is nothing to be afraid of Kathryn, as far as I know we are all nice people. And I'm sure others are just as nervous as you are, but that's why we are doing it together, so that we can support each other physically and emotionally. You probably haven't seen it but I did a rather large post about how I feel on the subject of leaving my family, but to spare you the time I will just say that I realized that if I ever wanted my dreams to come true I had to take the step whether it is uncomfortable or not. You know what they say "Outside your comfort zone, that's where the magic happens".


Jammie Gregory Tue 27 Aug 2013 12:40AM

I think if you have doubts you should wait until other people get it setup first, when they can show videos of it and what it's like or what their rules are


Blaine Smith Tue 27 Aug 2013 3:20AM

The last thing in this is very important to this discussion. The rest is also important though.


Jammie Gregory Thu 5 Sep 2013 4:08PM

What I kinda want to do is boot everyone who joined yet has remained inactive, and start recruiting people very selectively based on what they say or post or their facebook profile is about, people who really want to get this things started now, but also understand they we all have to lead it, that was the whole intent behind BHREN...but I'm pretty lazy...I'm going to switch group settings so anyone can invite, and boot all the inactives.


Blaine Smith Thu 5 Sep 2013 11:39PM

I feel your frustration about the situation. I think it would be an good idea to remove anyone not participating. I think before we invite anyone they should answer a some questions, about if they can start asap, basically to find out if they will participate or not. I personally am growing tired of waiting for others, but unfortunately as this is a group thing we have no choice but to wait. It's so painful, I just want to start this thing.


Rodney Greenmoon Haitana Fri 6 Sep 2013 6:15PM

Hello Jammie. ..Blaine and fellow followers...

yes I can feel the frustration from Aussie. ..and I feel this is a super project and the way the world is going these days it could be beginning of a new way of life for possibly most people around the globe.

if this project gets up and running which I honestly hope so...I have no doubt that we will be closely watched...monitored and studied buy a lot of skeptical. ..interested and other people. .to see what happens. ..but if we can make a success out of this.. you watch it steam roll around the world...so definitely careful planning is a must...maybe some sort of patented rights I don't know it's just a thought...because it will steam roll I have no doubt.
even here in Aussie where my background is in Real Estate and music the people I talk to have had enough they just want to get out of the whole stinking system, lots are relocating to the country. ..some are buying small hobbie farms instead of a nice property in the city close to the beach.
I've noticed this change increase over the last 10yrs.
Anyway lets keep thinking.
I'm in...and will keep trying from my side of the world

here are my links.
Facebook. ...Rodney Haitana

Yahoo [email protected]


[email protected]



Thomas A. Anderson Fri 13 Sep 2013 1:50AM

Sorry I have been away for a bit, been working on things and dealing with others (blaine knows what I am talking about) I still say we need to earn the money to do the buying of what ever we are doing but be prepared to use renewable resources in every way possible, so I am looking into simple but needed things for industry like how to extract sulfur from things and make sulfuric acid, or how to make polyethylene plastic (the one and only one plastic that is essentially a wax, so the break down turns it into a substance that plants just consume, meanwhile it can be made from alcohol (yeast and sugar stock) sulfuric acid and an organic peroxide substance, so can be made from renewable stuff) as well as how to convert anything harsh like sulfuric acid back into a substance that is safe for the area like either pure sulfur (good fungicidal and pesticide) or pyrite (iron and sulfur also known as fools gold) to make sure we are not leaving any trace :)


Thomas A. Anderson Fri 13 Sep 2013 1:55AM

oh I should point out, the reason I even know how to make alcohol into polyethylene is because I am searching for the process to make it into semiconductors and conductors, like the PEDOT and PEDOT: PSS and so far I have had a lot of good success in figuring things out, anyone want to see what the intermediary substance ether is good for besides turning it into a plastic?

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