Fri 21 Jun 2019 1:17PM

First-Floor Large Furniture (Desk + 2-Seater)

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We need to decide as a group what we'd like to do with the large two-seater furniture unit and the standing desk (currently in the cafe space).


Rosalind Zavras Fri 21 Jun 2019 2:13PM

Is it possible for these items to go upstairs at all? Is it a matter of cost or something else?


Amelia Fri 21 Jun 2019 3:30PM

Roz, to my understanding it is largely d/t the weight of the item...Also, I'm curious how the people in the collaboratory feel about it being moved up there? Thoughts?


Patrick Paul Garlinger Fri 21 Jun 2019 4:40PM

Yes, I understand the weight and their size to be issues, and they appear to be rather complicated pieces to break down and reassemble. I'm open to various ideas, and want throw out a bunch: (1) we could dive in and do the work to take them apart and bring them upstairs. I wonder about locations in the collaboratory. The standing desk could replace one of the tables against a wall, but I'd want to see what the dimensions are like. The same with the two-seater, which seems like it would talk up a lot of space. (2) We could move them to some other part of the second floor (i.e., could one of them go in the hallway by the conference rooms?) or the third floor (is there any room on the third floor for, say, the standing desk?). (3) We could sell one or the other or both as a supplement to our current fiscal issues. I'm sort of spit-balling here to generate thoughts/ideas ...


Saks Afridi Sat 22 Jun 2019 11:52AM

I like the idea of it going to the second floor too.


michelle jackson Thu 27 Jun 2019 12:20PM

Marcos brought up moving the sofa on the first floor in a Slack thread yesterday. Are we thinking that we should move this to the 2nd floor? There is very little space on the third floor for either piece. The pieces were donated to our space, so I wonder if a possible other option would be to donate the two pieces to say the Bronx Incubator that one of the Pre Pro Bono Fellows works at (only if they have an elevator to their space. I don't have all of the specifics around that but keeping with the idea of paying things forward. Selling the pieces could make sense from a financial perspective, but it doesn't feel like it keeps with the generosity of the donation. The donor wanted to make sure that it would go to an organization whose mission they supported - an organization that needed and would appreciate the office furniture.


Marcos Salazar Thu 27 Jun 2019 1:06PM

Chiming in on Michelle's comment - as I mentioned in Slack, people LOVE the sofa and I think it is a great addition to the space (along with all the great furniture Michelle and David brought in). I do think it could stay where it currently is - on the left section of the event space - where it fits perfectly and it gets a lot of usage. The only thing is it will need to be moved for many events. We moved it into the entrance for the night and then moved it back after our event so this could be a solution - temporarily having it in the entrance for events but it be required that is is always moved back after an event. Saks and Qinza, how would you feel about this compromise / solution?

One thing to note - the rug in the entrance makes it harder to move because we can't simply push it and it needs to be lifted. If the rug was not there, it would be much easier. We may decided to keep the rug there because it is nice in this area but something to just note.


michelle jackson Fri 28 Jun 2019 12:59PM

The carpet is nice there. Wondering if there are other solves? Also wondering how often do we want to move the sofa around. If it’s a few times a week, that feels like a lot.


Poll Created Fri 28 Jun 2019 5:27PM

Re: sofa and standing desk, which option makes sense to you? Closed Tue 9 Jul 2019 2:02AM

A response to Patrick's discussion thread about 2 pieces on the first floor. I'm trying out Loomio's Poll option - Offering up three possible options. Please vote on one of three. There is also an option of offering up another option. Thanks everyone!


Results Option % of points Voters
move 2 pieces to 2nd floor 37.5% 3 J MJ AG
keep couch on 1st floor and make it move easily with glides / keep table in storefront for a set time period and then decide 37.5% 3 D MS PPG
Keep 1 item, sell/donate another 25.0% 2 RZ A
keep them on 1st floor 0.0% 0  
give them away/sell them 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 4 D C DH Q

8 of 12 people have participated (66%)


David Fri 28 Jun 2019 6:17PM

keep couch on 1st floor and make it move easily with glides / keep table in storefront for a set time period and then decide

I added an option that I've discussed in part with @marcossalazar1 and others -- the couch is massively popular and well-used on the 1st floor, it just seems like the challenge is moving it as necessary. this can be solved easily by adding furniture glides to the feet, allowing it to be repositioned as needed. for the big desk, i think it would be good to try out having it live in the storefront for a bit, and then reassessing after a set period (say 3 months?) to see how it works for people


Jerone Mon 1 Jul 2019 1:43PM

move 2 pieces to 2nd floor

The acoustic sofa / phone booth makes a lot of sense on the 2nd floor since people need to take calls up there OR it could be used to create an acoustic barrier for small meetings. The standing desk would be a great hot desk zone on the 2nd floor, especially because folks like having a standing desk option up there from time to time that doesn't require moving crates.

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