What is the Internet Party Policy Committee working on?

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The Internet Party Policy Committee mostly meets behind closed loomio doors, but from time to time it will let members know what it is working on and any public facing results and policies. This thread covers any such posts and is publicly visible to the incubator.


IP Jo Booth Wed 3 May 2017 4:39AM

At present the Policy Committee has received two policy areas - Governance and Health for review. More will be added shortly!


Daymond Goulder-Horobin Sat 24 Jun 2017 2:53AM

Hello, here is an update from the IP Policy Committee Team.

Currently the Policy Committee is working on finalizing the drafts of the No More Hungry Kiwis and the No More Empty Houses policies to completion. The Reason why we chose to do this is because we felt overall that these issues absolutely needed to be dealt with first and can easily implemented, for it is important to address the very basic needs of man. The main advantage being there is no significant cost of implementing these policies in question and are very easy to setup. For Instance No More Hungry Kiwis has its roots from what other countries have also successfully enacted to reduce food wastage and help Food Banks that need it to meet increasing demands and is essentially a win-win for all parties. This is not about social justice it is about ensuring that these Places have the capacity to assist humanity with the most basic of needs like Food and Housing which everyone is entitled to and at the very least we can identify and fix things that can easily be done.

Think of these as in Technological terms as Bug Fixes in a software program, they are not big changes to a system but simply a patch to fix errors in a system. For instance "Fixed a bug where usable food items were being thrown out".

After the two social policies are completed you have my word that the entirety of the Committee will be dedicated to Capitalizing on our Technological Prowess by building our Tech Portfolio and revitalizing the parties main strength to bring to New Zealand innovative and outside-the-box solutions from the advancement of technology across the world and bringing them back here. This includes the formation of a new Technology Council Free from Political influence and Corporate Lobbying to solve problems in New Zealand and will be conducted as an enterprises of the party, rather than a policy in itself.

If you would like to talk about Policy with the committee we are regularly on the Internet Party discord chat. You can also join the discord chat that we have setup and if you are a member of the internet party, one of us can verify you as a member and you will be able to join the voice chat and talk to us as well as other members.

Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/rQrrYRf