Tue 27 Aug 2013 10:31AM

~Socent in NZ: The Wall~

AG Anna Guenther Public Seen by 28

Let's use this space to share links and things that may be of interest, but don't deserve their own discussion.


Mary Jo Kaplan Thu 29 Aug 2013 7:48PM

Anna, I think this is a great idea. Perhaps start by inviting the group that met at Mircrosoft. Whether / how to create a social finance fund seems hot. I'm keen to consider bridges between start-ups, non-profit social enterprises and maori social enterprises to grow power, capacity and impact.


Anna Guenther Sun 8 Sep 2013 9:43PM

Fab - thanks @mjkaplan. Have just invited Alex to this too, and want to start inviting people soon. Hope all is well back state side :)


vivien maidaborn Mon 23 Sep 2013 12:04AM

for me this forum is about creating ongoing momentum in building the social enterprise sector in NZ. Thanks for taking the initiative @annaguenther