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Task list

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Lets decide on tasks and time taken, difficulty or expertise, costs, or value of each type of task.


ale fernandez Tue 23 May 2017 10:19AM

This is a thread to ask people to list things they are already doing for bank of the commons communication, and things they feel should be done. Please not very long things but let's try and separate it out into individual things that can be done in say 20 minutes or an hour at a time - like publishing on social media or writing an article or translation. If it's a bigger task like making a website or video, we have to decide how that breaks down into the smaller tasks. We can then put an amount of faircoin per hour we believe should be the minimum for it, or another number or measure if appropriate.

Here are some big tasks I see:

  • Make a website for 29th
  • Maintain website with new features
  • Write news
  • Create social media presence
  • Liaise internally
  • Liaise with partners
  • Attend events
  • Do meetings

ale fernandez Wed 7 Jun 2017 10:19PM

So far we have proposed an etherpad https://ethercalc.org/s8wc4g500jc6 so that hours can be logged, along with names and type of task. So I propose discussing here this week, and using this (loomio) to compile a full report on what we need for the ocp developers. We wanted to split according to hours but at the last minute this was delayed at the last meeting.
So we propose a weekly meeting where work for the week is planned and revised together. We propose each member goes through past and future work each week. It shouldn't take long, so it's a bit like what's done in Agile development methods.
So how do we take note of these tasks?

Each type of task (like the list I began in the first post) also needs corresponding specific tasks: so for example generic task: translation. Specific task: translating about.html to italian. Then other fields are the name, the date, the time specified(I think it will take 2 hours), the actual time taken(it took 3 hours), and possible comments on the quality.
Parameters given as examples for revision of work from other team members: "teamwork, availability, feedback that has given to other mates, daily involvement, participation in assemblies, etc."

"Availability" is an interesting concept. If at the meeting someone asks "where were you - why weren't you awake at 4am when I was discussing logo colours?" then it's not very legitimate. The answer might be "I was in hospital all week after being run over by a bus" Availability I see as the separate need that requires a separate tool: with the shared groupoffice calendar we acn all set "available" times for work. During this time you will be known to be answering emails, chats or doing work you said you'd do. Also this stems from a group understanding of every person's differences in life - do they have a family and other projects or work, are they physically able(eg: without electricity/internet access?). So for the point of agreeing on hours worked I propose each person splits their regular expected hours and creates a shared calendar with these hours specified. We have a calendar on https://fairkom.net/groupoffice/ And most comunication team members are already in it. This way we don't wake your granny up when you go and visit her each sunday afternoon, with all our beeps from telegram messages. If we seek a team member and can't contact them, we can then look at the shared calendar. This might also say when you are in a meeting or free to do a meeting to figure out a shared task for example.

Coordination is another mixed concept. This ranges from understanding the full vision to know what to do, to helping another team member with their qeustions. It all boils down to: did this person just do their one task without getting involved in the actual running of the project, or did this person do whatever it took to make sure everything was working or takenotes for next time, - going beyond the call of duty or regular work expectations. Also if coordinating a democratic group it may be that your proposal isn't taken up by the group, who prefers to do things another way. So it remains to be seen how to value actively helping and asking peope how they are doing etc, or just responding to requests for help, or generally not being free for anything. I would understand these different levels of involvement can be stated and agreed on by these members themselves.

So we now have 3 tools for task management: a weekly meeting, OCP for task specification and splitting the faircoin, and a shared calendar so we know when we are available.

Each member then would specify the amount of work they can do each month or when their situation changes: "now with the baby I can only work 2 days a week" for example. So each member would set a total amount of hours they can work each week: for example 20. Then they fill in tasks with which they will take up those 20 hours using OCP(or one team member can volunteer to be the scribe/note taker and edits ocp for everyone).

If during the week they do tasks outside what was specified, they can easily use OCP to note them (This is in the "log extra tasks" page on OCP: https://testocp.freedomcoop.eu/work/non-process-logging/)

A last factor or field to take into account when specifying tasks is "Happiness" - or overall wellbeing of the team member who did the task. Did it make them feel like shit? Was it inspiring? IS the team terrible? Is it a pleasure? All this should be probably measured sometimes.

From Bob & Lynn, develpers of OCP we have these suggestions from another collaborative task management roject (Sadly now gone), Bettermeans. This tool already incorporated group evaluations of each other's work. http://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Open_Enterprise_Governance_Model#4._Credits:_Contribution_Tracking

And more tasks we have identified are:

theme installation, config,
installing/configuring plugins,
making, editing, translating menus,
customizing aspects of the theme or site.
writing copy for the site/news etc
correcting and editing translations.
writing tweets/social media content
Programming social media content for weekly publication


tereseta Mon 12 Jun 2017 10:32AM

just a question: did not we use better our non test OCP accounts? from BotC and/or FreedomCoop ?


ale fernandez Tue 13 Jun 2017 1:09AM

yes this week or next I hope to be able to move this to live. We are currently testing this as new functionality on testocp. pilikum and sofocles are the only two who have done work but that aren't in that test group. This week we will probably have a full test with testocp