Fri 4 Mar 2016 5:14AM

Tinder Eyes Window Exhibition - Can't find any details

E Eamonn Public Seen by 262

Currently there is a window exhibition at 17 Tory St called Tinder Eyes, it's been there for a few weeks and I have no idea who has done it or any information about it. It's not anyone I have been working with from the Fringe Festival. It hasn't been a problem at all and I quite like it, I just am confused about where it came from and who it is.

It's on the window that the People's Cinema display was in

Does anyone have any more information?


Leilani A I'iga-Pua Fri 4 Mar 2016 5:24AM

@eamonn. I spoke to the artist while me and Kaila were cleaning up after McCreature exhibition. I think her sister was exhibiting or had a fringe show on? The city thing. Sorry I know that's really vague but it was awhile ago now.


Eamonn Fri 4 Mar 2016 5:32AM

Oh, then it was a fringe thing, I'll message them and see what their plans are with it.


Ania Upstill Sat 5 Mar 2016 8:23AM

It's Kim's - she'll come and take it down this week now that Fringe is over :) Sorry for not leaving details!


Murdoch Sun 6 Mar 2016 5:46AM

I walked past today and people were really into it. Also, BTW, if you haven't seen the latest @theseehere exhibition it is amazing!!! Check it out.