Thu 20 Mar 2014 9:09PM

The Altcoin Observer - Meeting 1, Start Here!

ABL Adam B. Levine Public Seen by 13

We need to organized - The purpose of this meeting will be to decide on parameters of the first issue of TAO.

We'll decide who is in which role for this one (these positions can change issue to issue)

We'll decide which type of coin to do the first issue on and unless an obvious one emerges, talk about the research process we want to follow.

We'll talk about compensation, and what that looks like

And we can talk about LTBCOIN and how TAO will interact with it.

Are there any other topics we should hit?
What times would work for people? When should we do this?


Adam B. Levine Mon 24 Mar 2014 7:49PM

I'm thinking three articles total, annotated and commented by the managing editor.

Maybe it's better to skip the comparisons until later and just pick one to drill down for the first issue with the idea that we'll cover them all.

@tomsherlock Auroracoin is different because Iceland has actual capital controls on it restricting its ability to get into cryptocurrency. In that way auroracoin helps because it gifts valuable cryptocurrency which can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrency they would not otherwise be able to get.

The clones of it are what i'm talking about. They didn't have the idea, they are just piggybacking on it and saying "Look, they're successful with it over there so you could get in even earlier over here!". Just as Doge begat kitteh as I earlier mentioned.

Anything original that succeeds will generate clones.


Eric Fuller Mon 24 Mar 2014 9:35PM

@adamblevine Agree that comparisons should come after an initial evaluation. I see four closely competing coins (NXT, XCP, PTS, MSC)...if you're thinking three articles, which coin would we skip?


Shattered Zen Mon 24 Mar 2014 11:38PM

NXT would be much better I agree if other applications could influence its base layer, especially if they can make the experience more user friendly. I'm still extremely impressed with the counterparty features you discussed implementing in your second LTBcoin Q&A. The idea of issuing time sensitive assets as votes is great, especially because you could have the ability to sell those temporary assets for permanent ones on issues you didn't feel particularly strong about. IE if I don't care about what color the LTBcoin logo is that we are voting on I can sell my votes in that particular instance and if someone is willing to pay me for the leverage my votes provide I can still gain influence through selling those temporary assets.

What would be interesting is seeing an organization or company utilizing these platforms as a way to control a virtual currency. For example, company launches virtual currency "A" as a type of private scrip and currency "B" as a stake holder coin to pay dividends through and cast votes. A company could theoretically sell the second currency on a one for one basis, then use the accumulated funds for purchasing stock or real property, paying some portion of future profits to the stake holders of currency "B". Your sponsor coins for example could be used in this way.

Are we concentrating on NXT specifically then or should we still research a comparison? What are the exact parameters for the article as far as word count and scope?


Adam B. Levine Sat 29 Mar 2014 3:28AM

Sorry for my delay, @ericfuller - We would be writing three articles about NXT for this issue, then three on the next in the next issue etc.


Shattered Zen Thu 3 Apr 2014 3:21AM

So are we looking at three comparison articles? Or is one article going to give an overview of the coin, another giving comparisons etc?


Shattered Zen Sun 6 Apr 2014 8:35PM

I've got one of the NXT clients up here at home and am currently playing around with it for educational purposes, I've also been fiddling with some ideas for a logo for the paper. Any updates Adam?


James Poole Mon 7 Apr 2014 11:48PM

Any updates on this? I would like to submit an article for consideration of the first issue. The title of the article would be "Why Nxt is Next" and would focus on some of the technical reasons I think it could take off as the preferred platform for smart assets (in the short term). I am currently working on producing the first draft, so let me know if you think this lines up with the direction you guys were picturing it going.

I also think we should lead with an "intro to Nxt" that would provide some standard items that should be explained for any Alt-Coin that gets covered (pre-mine?, open source?, security mechanism?, distribution plan?, future plans?, etc).

Finally, I think it would be nice if @adamblevine could pull some strings with his connections and hook someone up for an interview with a dev/marketer from Nxt and do some sort of Q&A.

That's my 2 satoshis...