Wed 22 Dec 2021 11:54AM

Study trip to Prague November 2022

JD Jelle Debusscher Public Seen by 28

Hello Pirates, in the second half of 2022 the Czech Republic takes on the presidency of the European Council. To support and promote the Pirates we have the set up a travel plan: in the summer the railroads are arranging direct connections in the form of overnight-trains (BRUSSELS-AMSTERDAM-BERLIN-PRAGUE) three times a week from Brussels-Midi. So we are setting up invitations to the Belgian Pirates, Dutch Pirates, Luxemburg Pirates, French Pirates and German Pirates to accompany us in an international travel and exchange. We would like to ask you if you're interested to come along, enjoying the sights of Prague for a week. The program is open to suggestions, activities are welcome, there will be some meetings and some events. Check your calendar and let us know if you want to ride along. I suggest we set up a team for this, maybe create a simple page where we can initiate some kind of registration if necessary. In the meantime: here is a poster. To be continued !


Christophe Cop Wed 22 Dec 2021 4:21PM

Great idea.


0) Get an idea of who wants to join + estimated cost (I assume a budget of 1000€ per person would be a rough first ballpark figure, though might be higher or lower depending on luxury requirements)

And then form a squad with the organisers.

1) Night train ought to be available by then: https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/en/2021/12/20/night-trains-from-brussels-to-berlin-and-prague-from-next-summer/

"The service will depart from Brussels South Station at 7:22pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and call at Antwerp Central at 8:01pm. It will make several stops in The Netherlands and Germany, including Berlin and Dresden and continue to the Czech capital Prague where it will arrive at around 10am every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday."

"The return trip from Prague to Brussels will depart every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evening, arriving in Antwerp at 8:47am and in Brussels at 9:54am the following morning."

Given these dates, we need to decide which period.

2) Hotels : we'll probably need to decide what kind (ranging from the cheaper options like youth hostels to a decent business hotel I assume)

3) Which moments to share?

I suppose we don't want to stick together all the time, and enjoy the city and some of the activities alone, in smaller groups or together.

Do we want meetings? with whom? For example: Can we arrange a meeting with the Czech pirates?

Will we have diners together?

4) Budget estimation and what to include?

5) Subscription and minimal and maximum numbers of participants?

6) Division of preparation work & responsibilities.

There are probably some other points to discuss.

But first, we do need some idea on the who wishes to join and wishes to organise.


Christophe Cop Wed 2 Feb 2022 9:23PM

more than a month old, and no responses. I assume there are insufficient means to make this a reality.