Wed 6 Jun 2018 3:41PM

Oli SB's Permaculture Economy article

BH Bob Haugen Public Seen by 265

I thought @olisb 's Building a cooperative economy was really interesting and maybe people want to read and discuss it here.


Oli SB Thu 7 Jun 2018 9:01AM

Wow - thanks Bob, that means a lot. I thought perhaps it could have been better... but at least it makes a start at pointing out some of the similarities between open source design and the permaculture principles...


Bob Haugen Thu 7 Jun 2018 11:28AM

Everything could always be better, but I liked the connections between permaculture and economy.

I'm not sure platform cooperatives fit, though. They are certainly a step forward from surveillance capitalism platforms run by predators. But I think open app ecosystems would fit better with permaculture. And that is more where you went in the rest of the article.