Fri 22 Jun 2018 4:01PM

6/22/18: Crypto’s Impact on the Real Estate Industry — Conf Call, 1–2pm ET

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Just learned about this conference call at 1pm today on Zoom. See Tweet thread below for description and registration. The conference call points to the question posted earlier this week on RE2020:

What can be done to insure crypto's impact on #RealEstate serves common good, if not affordable housing goals, rather than expanding globalized real estate speculation?

DEBATE: Will crypto drive RE speculation or #AffordableHousing solutions? http://bit.ly/DebateCryptoRE



Bill Wendel Fri 22 Jun 2018 6:10PM

Corey, the link to the conference call was buried in the tweet above. When the Moderator consolidated the tweetstream below, one of his guests said acknowledged that affordable housing is a leading issue is his housing market in Canada and that tokens would be developed to provide "community incentives" to invest in that asset class. He expects those tokens to provide options both for CrypotRE investors who want to invest in affordable housing, as well as households who need affordable housing and are open to / benefit from shared ownership.

Invite others to comment on questions submitted to the panel:

Listening 1st two panelists, reminded of surge of condos built during the Go-Go days of #RealEstate tax syndication, then crashed leaving the RTC to liquidate inventory in ballroom style auctions in 50+ cities across US.

What’s to prevent #CryptoRE from same cycle? #BlockchainRE+

Follow lead of regulators in Canada, will CryptoRE cause transactions by foreign investors to be taxed? See 3rd tweet: Panelist: I can see so many investors who want to buy homes crossborder, people who want to get something in SF, NY, LA and want to do that w/ crypto.

Critics call them #Swanktuaries. Canadians, others imposing taxes on #SpeculatorsWithoutBorders

http://bit.ly/TaxRESwank #BosRE