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Our main goal as pirate party is to get more people on board and let them feel empowered to join the fight --> one of the menus on the website is Get involved.

Problem: The first items there are "newsletter" and "give money" (also present on the main page...). But that's not really the best way of getting people involved or making them feel welcome (is it??).

Can we (re-)discuss what this page should say?

Starting proposal: a simple reshuffling:

  1. Meet pirates: contact a crew and join a beer
  2. Meet pirates: join labs
  3. Become member and donate
  4. Newsletter

Proposal 2.0 : transforming it into a "How to contribute to the Pirate Party" page:

Contributing to the Pirate Party

If you share our values and wish to be part of the adventure, here is what you could do:

Meet the Pirates:
- _Join us for a chat _(we call this a "Beer" but you can drink anything you like)
- Come to other Pirate events
- Contact your nearest crew

Co-create the Pirate political project:
- Propose ideas and projects at one of our Pirate Labs or on our Loomio group
- Join one of the current projects

Stay tuned and spread the news:
- Suscribe to the newsletter
- Share our values and articles, among others on our social networks : Facebook, Twitter and Mastodon

- Report any bugs or missing information on our website, wiki or on our social media accounts
- Help us find free/affordable venues where we can hold public meetings

Financial support:
- Support us by donating small amounts (a small but regular fee is ideal)

Becoming a member of the Pirate Party:

If you want to be a member, the amount should be at least 1€ and the communication with the payment should include your email address using ‘at’ instead of @ e.g. daniel.smith at gmail.com
You need to have made a member contribution within the last year in order to have voting rights at a General Assembly.

Our account number is: IBAN: BE90 5230 8062 2132 (BIC: TRIOBEBBXXX)

Don’t expect an immediate confirmation with a member card, but don’t worry, we will keep track of things and at least let you know about the next GAs. On the other hand, the information about donations or memberships will never be published or disclosed.

Still have a question on how you can contribute, or have other ideas? Contact us! Our email : contact at pirateparty.be


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 31 Jul 2017 9:33AM

I approve your idea of revamping this page!
(also this "give us money" and "suscribe to the newsletter" thing appear on the front page, which might not be the best image to give to newcomers)

I believe your proposal is already an improvement.

What about going a bit further, and do something like this page : http://book.orthanc-server.com/contributing.html

Contributing to the Pirate Party

If you agree with our values and wish to help us, here are some ways to do so :

Non-political tasks :
- Report any bugs or missing information
- Help us find meeting places
- Become a member
- etc

Political tasks :
- Propose ideas
- Join a project group
- etc

Financial support :
- Support us by donating small amounts

(for example)


Valerie D. Mon 31 Jul 2017 11:30AM

I would put the political tasks first, and highlight the "come to a beer" thing.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 31 Jul 2017 12:46PM

I updated the context with the new proposal.

I suggest the page is renamed because
"Get involved" might be asking too much ("come and join us so you can do something"), while "Help" not enough ("do something for us but stay outside"), so my proposal would be "Contribute"
"Contribuer" in French, I don't know in flemish? "Meehelpen" or "bijdragen", I guess.

Some lines could be split, for example "Meet your local Pirates: contact your nearest crew, join us for a beer or come to other Pirate activities" could be split in 3, and for each line, there is a click/action.


HgO Mon 31 Jul 2017 1:48PM

I like the new content !! :D I'm okay with "Contribute" for the title, I think it's better indeed (but anyways it wasn't the main problem of the page :p)

As I think it's what you propose, I would split the paragraph of the "Meet" section into three bullet points:


Meet your local pirates blablabla
* Contact the nearest crew
* Join us for a drink [NdH: as many pirates asked to change the Pirate Beer into Pirate Drink]
* Come to a Pirate event [NdH: or activity, as you want]

I'd also change the "Non-political tasks" to "Stay tuned" or "Get informed", I don't know. In addition, I would put some items from this section into another one that concerns bug reporting, etc. (we could simply call it "Help" ?)

*NdH = Note de HgO :D


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 31 Jul 2017 5:43PM

So it's updated now in the 1st post. Please check if you agree and edit if necessary :)

Next question already : do we keep the form that currently is on the website? There are very few people contacting us through this form (although I must say I don't believe that any of these people became Pirate...), and we have 1. to check manually the suscribers' list to see if there are new contacts through this form and 2. we then have to contact by email these people (most never reply, I think).


HgO Mon 31 Jul 2017 7:00PM

Thanks !

I would keep it, only if we don't have to check the wordpress regularly. So, I just changed the mail address for the notifications. Each time someone would subscribe to the newsletter, we would receive a mail. Is that ok for you ? or did you want more actually ? I set the contact@ppbe mail address, but that could be anything else really (e.g. webmaster@ppbe)


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 31 Jul 2017 9:28PM

So, @hgo changed the forms:
Until now, there were 2 forms:
- one form just to subscribe to the newsletter - this one just got new "Prénom/Nom" fields
- and the bigger one on this "Get involved" page.
But this form had an issue actually: it was at the same time a contact form, and a form to subscribe to the newsletter. So people who contacted had to fill annoying questions ("Which crew?", how would they know?) and they would be registered as subscribers without even asking for it. HgO changed it so it's now a form only there for contact purpose - and the messages will be sent automatically at contact@ppbe email.

The page is renamed "Contribuer" in the French version already. Does this look a bit better @valeried ? https://fr.pirateparty.be/

We just need to agree on the content of the text now, and I'll translate it to French and update the website.


HgO Mon 31 Jul 2017 10:01PM

Yay !! :D I agree with my change :)

However, I wouldn't put the contact@ppbe in clear like that (see the context of this thread), unless you want to be spammed :/


Valerie D. Tue 1 Aug 2017 8:25AM

Yay ! :yum:
A few small changes from my side below.

Then if we agree, do we directly change or do we make a proposal? (I am thinking that having @josse 's agreement would be good, at least).

NB: I am out for the next few days, go ahead without me

[comments in square brackets]

If you share our values and wish to be part of the adventure, here is what you could do:

Meet the Pirates:

• Join us for a chat - we call this a "Beer meeting" but you can drink anything you like ;-) [this is because the beer category does not explain what these drinks are]

Co-create the Pirate political project: [instead of "political tasks"]

[last sentence] Still have a question on how you can contribute, or have other ideas? Contact us!


Josse Tue 1 Aug 2017 5:34PM

It is always good to rethink and it should be an evolving process. Maybe we can change Donate also by Contribute indeed (or come have a drink with us/ get to know us).

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