Sun 2 May 2021 3:34AM

Package Automagic CI/CD

JB Jamie Bliss Public Seen by 26

The idea of GoBuild.it is pretty simple: Understand the conventions of the various package ecosystems, and automate the processes around them to the best of the computer's ability, following best practices.

Simply, detect the language, do the build, run the tests, and when the user makes a release, upload it.

Extensions of this can be additional repo automation: Automatically submit PRs when conventions change, handle code signing and other supply chain protections, that kind of thing.


Kat Marchán (they/she) Sun 2 May 2021 6:05AM

Oh this is probably something I could help a lot with! Sounds like a Bundle of fun


Craig Ewert Sun 2 May 2021 3:08PM

I am also interested in this space. I have been using Jenkins (for Java program build, test, deploy mostly), and Airflow as a job runner.

I would like to add an Airflow/Azkaban/Luigi/etc capability to Jenkins (I see some capabilities there, but maybe not enough).

Do you have a list of similar things in the JS ecosystem? I am not up to date there.