Finance WG Calls

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First Call this Thursday, June 5!

NatGat3 Finance WG
Thursday, June 5 @ 6 PM PT/9 PM ET


Justin Mon 23 Jun 2014 4:43AM

What's the best way to get involved & find out about the WG meetings?


Sally G Mon 23 Jun 2014 4:50AM

There are 2 mailing lists, hg-finance and mg-fin-afgj, the second being more direct work with Alliance for Global Justice. There are also Titanpads: at least one with priorities, one with budget requests. We need to get a call together; but first we need to decide about permits, etc., whether the priorities agreed to on the finance calls are acceptable to the larger group.


Justin Mon 23 Jun 2014 4:57AM

I asked the best way. not every way.

Help navigate this with me.

What’s the best way to get involved & find out about the WG meetings?

What is the one list serve people should join to find out about WG calls (if & when they are scheduled)?


Julia Clark Fri 27 Jun 2014 6:22AM

@sallyg am I on the mg-fin-afgj mailing list?


Sally G Mon 30 Jun 2014 3:29AM

I think I saw you added to it? I think there was a new subscriber there, but had only opened my e-mail when I had to restart.