Wed 30 Jul 2014 11:50PM

Potential resourced wünderbike project

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LifeHack Labs is interested in procuring 6-7 bikes for the youth coming into wellington for the 2 week workshop.

As this is our whole fleet, I proposed that they could resource us to build 6 or 7 new wunderbikes that they could use, that would come back to wünderbike after two weeks. They have something around $300 - $400 to make this happen. The time frame is relatively short (they would need the bikes by Aug 19th).

What do people think about this idea?

Just to make sure everyone knows, this is a publicly viewable loomio. we can change the discussion to private if we like :)


Jesse Doud Wed 30 Jul 2014 11:55PM

My current thinking is this:

It's an opportunity to double our fleet, raise money for the project and get some cool visitors on bikes.

It would be a reasonable commitment from several individuals to suss the MT situation, and then fill in the gaps by purchasing bikes or parts online.

Questions I have:
Do we have space? If we don't we could potentially set up the new fleet at the Sustainability Trust for a CBD franchise of wünderbike.

How would we want to spend the money? I'm thinking firstly would be to buy parts or frames to actually make the fleet, Sam at lifehack suggested that they could pay for a bunch of pizzas for a working bee. The rest could go into the coffer?


Jesse Doud Thu 31 Jul 2014 12:02AM

@carol @rowanbrooks @stephenparry @russellsilverwood @arthurprice


Sylvie Froncek Thu 31 Jul 2014 12:07AM

Gosh I wish I was around to be a part of this. A second location sounds pretty cool. Are there people at the sustainability trust who are able to deal with renting out the bikes and adding members?


Jesse Doud Thu 31 Jul 2014 12:39AM

Not sure @sylviefroncek. I can invite Renee into the room to talk about it, but I reckon we're not quite at that point yet. If we make the bikes, there's a lot of options for how to store them afterwards.


kelvin aris Thu 31 Jul 2014 2:46AM

hey jesse! there is a empty garage on abel smith which is potentially available. It belongs to the community centre - i reckon it would be good use of the space. Lets take a look .


Jesse Doud Thu 31 Jul 2014 7:16AM

Rad! Thanks @kelvinaris. I'll pop in soon.


Rowan Brooks Fri 1 Aug 2014 1:40AM

I think this is an awesome opportunity but have quite a lot on. I could show up to a working bee but don't want to commit to much. Obviously if we say we'll do it, it needs to happen.

It may be contentious, but if people are feeling time pressured, could some of the money offered pay someone (not me) for a day or two to do some of the legwork - sussing bikes, ordering parts etc.We could then get together to do the fixing up, blingin' up work? Would incentivising it like that make it more likely to happen?
@russellsilverwood you were talking about wanting to do some different types of work? ;)


Russell Silverwood Fri 1 Aug 2014 5:48AM

@rowanbrooks that sounds like pretty similar work to what I do in my time off! I'm also working more than at peoples usual so can't commit to much.
Having said that, would we need to put together another 7? For a start, that would leave Wunderbike with 14 bikes to keep tabs on and maintain…
With the two 20" bikes in the Workshop and the original Wunderfleet upstairs wouldn't we be able to provide 6, maybe 7?


Jesse Doud Fri 1 Aug 2014 9:08PM

Yeah @russellsilverwood, I think we could. I was thinking that we wouldn't want to rent the entire fleet out because we cease to be a community resource for those 2 weeks. But maybe it's okay this time of year?

I was a bit excited about the prospect of doubling our fleet, but maybe it's a bit premature and we're not ready for that level of admin. I talked to @kelvinaris yesterday about the potential new space, and it sounds amazing.

What if we used the money to build another 3 or so bikes, so we still have a couple on hand? I was also thinking @russellsilverwood would be perfect to lead the project and I personally would be fine with compensating him out of the funds. Russ, would you have a bit of time to lead on this if it were paid?

I told Sam that we'd get back to him with an answer on monday, so I may raise a proposal soon.


Russell Silverwood Sat 2 Aug 2014 6:34AM

Alternatively, we have a WunderWorkingBee one evening next weekend and all fix bikes and all hang out and all rule?
(That can be read as "I'm flush for cash, short on time at the mo and don't wan't to be responsible for arranging/repairing 7 bikes by myself")

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