Thu 24 Aug 2017 1:22PM

Journal & Association Formation

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This is a space for us to discuss how we might form an association and journal dedicated to the Contemplative Commons.


Zack Thu 24 Aug 2017 1:48PM

One of my ideas for outcomes of the workshop is to form a journal association that enhances the visibility and legitimacy of social scientific and humanities-based research on the inner dimensions of social-ecological transformation.

If this interests you, I'd like to solicit your ideas about:

  1. What should be the stated aims of the journal association?
    E.g. Diversity and equity, focus on social justice and sustainability, transdisciplinary, includes non-academic stakeholders such as activists and policymakers, etc...

  2. How should it be organized and structured?
    E.g. Peer-review, board of editors, online / offline, etc...

  3. Which commons-based and open-source publishing models and best practices can we learn from?
    E.g. Rakugo, Levellers Press, Open Humanities Press, etc...

  4. How would it complement or compete with existing journal associations?
    E.g. The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry, Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, etc...

After enough feedback is collected, I suggest that we form a smaller working group to co-draft a proposal and seek funding together =)

What do you think?


Vincenzo Giorgino Thu 24 Aug 2017 4:49PM

In my view, first of all we have to set up an association with the journal as its main aim/project. Or do you think we do not need the former at all?


George Pór Fri 25 Aug 2017 10:44AM

There are already lots of academic research on the inner dimension, in itself. The evolutionary novelty of this undertaking would come from the focus on the of inner dimensions of SOCIAL-ECOLOGICAL transformation.

However, let me respectfully note a large blindspot of the workshop that would also characterize the journal if it doesn't include in what needs to be transformed the silent suffering of 100 millions of people in oppressive, joyless workplaces, inhospitable to the human spirit, which waste their creativity and potential.


Kristina Eichel Thu 24 Aug 2017 3:56PM

Inviting artists, poets, and others to participate, as well. Zines can be an interesting inspiration. Comics, poems, practices. Online, open source..


Patricia Morgan Thu 24 Aug 2017 10:53PM

Hi Zack @zackwalsh hi everyone - I think this is a great idea!
1. Stated Aims: I think all of what you have mentioned is important though at its core I think it should be contemplative and collaborative - commons-based. The idea of having the central focus on change arising from first-person on contemplative experience – as opposed to third-person action is important for me.
2. I think there should be a review process but if there is some way of doing this without the suggested hierarchy of an ‘editor’ who makes final decisions – maybe this could be a rotating position?
3. I’m sorry I don’t know about these models but commons-based and open-source sounds good.
4. As far as I know there is only one journal specifically focused on contemplative inquiry – the online journal you mentioned published by C-Mind (the old Center for Contemplative Mind in Society). There may be overlaps particularly around education and social justice. There is the “Mindfulness” journal but that is focused on positivistic research.
5. I really like the idea of including arts-based contributions - it would also be great to have a Youtube channel.

The idea of collecting information and then creating a small working group sounds like a good way to go.


Patricia Morgan Thu 24 Aug 2017 11:05PM

@zackwalsh Hi Again, I just thought of a couple more things - If we had a Youtube Channel or something like that it would be great to post video contributions and other things like recordings of workshops - or 'non-journal' contributions from people who are working in the Contemplative Commons as a way of following and sharing their work.

Also if we had a website it would provide a space to share information.

As for funding I'm wondering if it might be worth approaching the Templeton Foundation? I was also thinking that journals are sometimes housed in educational institutions - and that provide financial and administrative support - would anyone know of an appropriate institution to approach? All the best, Patricia


Christine Wamsler Fri 25 Aug 2017 9:20AM

Dear all, I think that it is a wonderful idea to form a journal association and I would formulate the aim simply as: "to enhance the visibility and legitimacy of research on the inner dimensions of social-ecological transformation towards sustainability." I do not think that it is helpful to further restrict the scope (e.g. on commoning), but rather allow new ideas, different approaches, etc. to emerge within this set aim. I think that it could include both academic and practice-based pieces/ peer-review, board of editors, online sounds good/ and I think that it would complement what exists with a less limited focus (e.g. on mindfulness) and a clearer link to transformation and sustainability. Warm wishes, Christine