Wed 15 May 2019 12:35PM

Core team time off during event

D Dave Public Seen by 77

Just a thought from the last two years I attended. It did seem that core team often didn't get a lot of rest and it wasn't clear when they were not on duty and who any relevant questions should be asked to.

Maybe a 'sod off sparkles I am not on duty' kinda badge for core team would be helpful to get them more time to relax whilst off duty without answering all the questions our brains come up with whilst they are trying to enjoy themselves? As well as some kind of hi vis vest or something to make clear who actually is on duty/questions should be addressed to?

It's in the nature of folk who volunteer for these roles to be hands on and always ready to do what needs to be done etc but this does lead to volunteer burnout, resentment and a high turnover of knowledgable people in my experience.

Was wondering what others thoughts are?


Siren Wed 15 May 2019 1:53PM


this is a great idea Dave and thank you for your sensitivity and consideration. I agree, last year was very much like that.

This year, @lexyp has the Site Lead shift rota and will be publishing this to production i think. We have one lead and one shadow lead from Tuesday night i think. Only people on the site lead rota are on duty for the time they are allocated (for me it's tues day, with no shadow unless someone wants to join me -very welcome!). Rangers are usually in hi vis green, and they should know who is site leading at any point. They are always a good go-to.

Perhaps we should publish this wider than production - maybe to Theme Camps etc.. and maybe online so that people can make sure they know who to go to with a potential issues so that other CT peeps dont get pulled in?

i like this thread a lot.


Lexy Wed 15 May 2019 6:52PM

So the site lead rota has 2 people on all shifts from Monday PM to Saturday PM (including yours @sirensong!). Or at least someone on call, who is committed to being sober and willing to be woken up if needed :slight_smile:

For anyone who wants to see the beautifully crafted rota, with 7 days and 26 shifts filled, AND decorated ON THEME then you can see it here and see all the lovely Site Lead volunteers:

And yes more people = more support = less burnout .... And hopefully more folks who can learn how it all works behind the scenes, and maybe eager to take on lead roles next year too ;)


Lexy Wed 15 May 2019 6:56PM

And BTW ... I will be OFF DUTY from Friday to Sunday. I don't think it will be difficult to tell, but I will bring my ..
'Normal Service Will Resume Shortly'
badge to wear just in case ;)


Siren Wed 15 May 2019 8:48PM



Lexy Wed 15 May 2019 6:58PM

Or another way to tell ... If I am wearing my Unicorn horn, then I am definitely off duty. :laughing:


Siren Wed 15 May 2019 8:48PM

OH. I think we should have off duty unic-form. :D


Lexy Wed 15 May 2019 8:56PM

I have a new horn. It is magnificent 💖🦄


Lexy Wed 15 May 2019 8:30PM

On more serious note - if anyone wants to raise any issues on site, then please grab a handy ranger (who have sashes and/or high viz) and have radios and can escalate as needed to get other people needed - whether that is Site Lead, Medics, Security etc.

I wouldn't worry about remembering who the right individual is who is Site Lead on certain day / night - this may change anyway. A ranger would just radio "Site Lead" (or other appropriate role) and the person on duty at the time will respond.


Amandasm Thu 16 May 2019 12:33PM

'sod off sparkles I am not on duty' - ok I definitely want this badge now, lol