Thu 28 Nov 2019 12:42AM

Marketing and storytelling for first Holo-REA release

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(Sid: "I think there’s definitely a need for an over-arching story to be told here. My sense is it could be deeply moving and attractive for all stakeholders")


Bob Haugen Sat 14 Mar 2020 5:33PM

P.S. it's probly obvious but those are just some basic information. Next is to figure out how to make it into better stories...


Bob Haugen Sat 14 Mar 2020 4:47PM

First drafts:

@Emaline do with it whatever you want. Suggest (or just make) improvements (it's editable). Let me know if you can't copy and paste from or export the contents and I'll figure something out.


Emaline Fri 13 Mar 2020 10:11PM

I'm so glad you think so. I would really like to see those use cases and comparisons, and then I can scope what else might be useful. I suspect that I could contribute some "making present" of the narrative (i.e. relating it to current trends and products). The social use cases are a good place to start, and to reflect your awareness of the state of enterprise accounting software and fintech, @bobhaugen. Yay!


Bob Haugen Thu 12 Mar 2020 10:50PM

P.S. I hope y'all are familiar with Lynn's pie story. It remains the best material we've found so far for people to get the ideas. http://mikorizal.org/ValueFlows-Story.pdf


Bob Haugen Thu 12 Mar 2020 10:48PM

@Emaline that's a great idea! I would be happy to help any way I can. I have been thinking of writing up some use cases (not technical ones, more social, like what situations is this stuff useful for) and also some semi-detailed comparisons between REA and conventional double-entry accounting and how they can fit together if people want them to.

Or another topics that you would like me to write up or help you find. I can focus on that job between now and Monday and have something to show by Monday latest.

But guidance is always helpful.


pospi Tue 10 Mar 2020 2:27AM

I think so, yes. It's funny, when I first started this thread it was because I'd written something quite aggressive that called out the hypocrisy and lack of progress in the blockchain industry and was pondering whether it was the right narrative to take.

Reading the way in which @Emaline has framed it above makes me realise the much more interesting story is to just tell the history of REA and ValueFlows, since these things have been running in parallel the whole time and slowly gaining traction. It's time for them to emerge.


Sid Sthalekar Tue 10 Mar 2020 2:17AM

"I'd still like to see (would happily work on) something that embeds a simple vision/mission statement, narrates the timeliness of this project by relating it to trend forecasts and web3.0 state of the art, and distinguishes VF and REA from each other and understands them as products"
+1 for this.

For your question about follow up, I think that's the missing link as of now. Along with many other things it could be building content for holding people from skill levels 1 through 5 (see my feedback post on Pospi's HoloREA session last month)

Also, @pospi, am I right in thinking this process could develop a template for other projects that emerge out of Economikit as well?


pospi Tue 10 Mar 2020 2:12AM

This is really great direction, thank you! I will distill much of these requests into a todo list at some time in the near future and start thinking about how to craft out tighter documentation to quickly upskill a technical audience.

In answer to your question, I do usually send people the learning material trove but as a final link after a few others that have been tailored to the person (eg. people who speak to me in terms of thermodynamics or dimensionality I usually send Bill's talk). But these are, in all honesty, somewhat hit-and-run information dumps. Putting thought into ways to ease people into the material would be invaluable- I have a habit of overwhelming people with information :P

I am betting others here have thought about this for longer than I have, so I'll let them say more before I loop back.


Emaline Mon 9 Mar 2020 10:35PM

Given a developer ready project, I think a priority should be developing a flexible, but common language around the benefits/story of REA at the "tight" end of a streamlined offering for entrepreneurs as @Sid Sthalekar gestures at above. Doing so would also give us an artifact(s) to get into gear around branding, pipeline management, etc.

We're probably in the stage of being able to garner greater commitment by providing easy pathways toward TBD educational materials! A basic deck with some common language followed by a rough sketch of what's involved in DNA or API integration would make for a good first step for training up REA accounting experts and developers.

With massive appreciation for the slides, articles, and collections that have already been written and pulled together, I'd still like to see (would happily work on) something that embeds a simple vision/mission statement, narrates the timeliness of this project by relating it to trend forecasts and web3.0 state of the art, and distinguishes VF and REA from each other and understands them as products (e.g. equates layers to already-existing products and services, couches VF in terms of data analytics and visualization software, that sort of thing).

Having just reviewed all the materials I can find, it'll take more of a "find-and-update" effort than anything else.

I'm actually curious to hear from anyone in this group what they pass along to people curious about REA as a follow-up to introductory conversations. Do you direct folks to the learning material trove, @pospi, or do you select materials per interaction? Any overarching sense of how can we create or improve upon first-stop materials such that training and info sharing becomes less nebulous and easier to scale out?

Looking forward to discussing this week, as I know @Ferananda Ibarra also has a strong sense of how to proceed here <3


Sid Sthalekar Mon 23 Dec 2019 6:15AM

I think it's a function of how loosely (or closely) bound this collective will be.
At the tightly packaged end, entrepreneurs could view this as a streamlined offering for economic design, reputation + monetary libraries, UI libraries, fundraising options and more. In such a scenario, marketing could speak to entrepreneurs without heavy tech + fundraising skills but are keen on building a collective of some sort.
If we're collaborating more loosely, I reckon we'd be speaking to entrepreneurs who have prior tech + funding experience. Marketing may look more functional in this case.

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