Sun 16 Jun 2013 4:20AM


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main goals:

  • to introduce attendants to the actual technologies they will encounter in a Japanese classroom

  • to effectively adapt to and overcome the technologies in Japanese classrooms

  • to elicit creative and interactive lesson ideas by demonstrating applications of technology in a classroom setting

  • Using technology in an effective way (ie, to improve students' learning and to increase everyone's motivation (Ss's, JTEs, and ALTs).)


carla paloma Sun 16 Jun 2013 8:26AM

babez I wish I was a cyborg .... dont get me started. I want those anti-fashion google glasses. I think I would get run over though... I am in love w my portable brain extention (my smart phonolonolo)


Robbie Blackburn Sun 16 Jun 2013 8:27AM

Ah yeah, I probably should have taken out overcome as well haha

I meant to make the goal more like:
"Effectively utilizing the technology in your classrooms"
rather than
"Every classroom is ancient and you need to struggle against it."

Some schools are crazy tech'd up. The more general goal covers both high tech schools and low-tech schools.